Friday, June 24, 2016

therapy post

hello!  it's been so long since i've blogged anything, i doubt if anyone still reads this.  even when i post to FB.  LOL  ah well, i am feeling twitchy & need the therapeutic writing!  

i'm at my hotel in des moines & and tomorrow i'm going to the Scripted Social Author Event.  i'm very excited, especially because i'm volunteering for the event & so i get to be helpful to the authors & other readers & that always makes me happy!  but, along w/ that excitement, i can feel the panic trying to seep in.  it's not about the event itself, it's about getting there, finding the hotel, parking, finding where i'm supposed to be, and then doing a good job w/ my assignment.  

i KNOW everything will be okay.  experience has taught me that everything will be GREAT!  i will have fun, i will enjoy being around all the books & authors & fellow book lovers!  i'm over the moon excited to see author friends & meet other author friends for the first time & meet NEW TO ME authors!  and yet, the logistics cause me anxiety.  and i'm fighting the urge to stay curled up in this hotel room tomorrow - so far i'm winning the battle, but it's definitely a battle.  

also, i'm slightly worried about Angel, because she always gets twitchy when i'm gone, and bret was going to be gone some this weekend, as well, and normally i would ask phil to stop in & check on her, but he's also in des moines this weekend for leyton's baseball tourney.  and my mom always reminds me that we used to leave for days & the cats were fine growing up, but Angel's a different kinda cat.  LOL  

anyway.  if you happen to read this, just keep me in prayers that i WON'T get lost, that i WILL get there on time tomorrow & that i WILL have all the fun!!  : )