Sunday, November 29, 2015

Carriepalooza, the second half

 It's been a really nice November aka Carriepalooza this year!  Thanks to my co-workers for participating in a fun Thanksgiving activity - feathering the turkey!  They also named him, but that was while I was off for 11 days & I don't know what name won.  He started off pretty bare, but by the time I left work on the 18th, he was full of thankful feathers!  : )  

A rainbow of thanks!  

The above photos are from Thanksgiving at Mom's.  Leyton & Phil had some fun w/ the guns.  LOL  And there was a very nice spread of food for us all to enjoy!  Hy Vee does a GREAT job w/ Thanksgiving feasts.  And there's less clean up!  LOL  

Before Thanksgiving, and after the thankful turkey, I headed off to Chicago for my birthday.  My friend April flew in from Maryland & our friends Rebecca, Faith & Lalanya drove up to hang out w/ us.  We ate dinner at Weber & didn't realize they were closing early for an electrical thing.  They never said anything, just let us gab & giggle for an hour & a half after we ate.  D'oh!  But it was a fantastic time!  And the food was delish!  : )  After we left, we went to a coffee shop & hung out for another couple of hours & then Becca dropped us off at the hotel & took the other two home.  Oh, we did have to do some funny selfies in front of the Snuggery first, just because of the name... LOL  April pulled a very cute boy over to take a good photo!  

Friday, April & I went to IKEA where I found a lovely chaise that is only about $600!  I did not purchase at this time, but it's on my wishlist!  *grin*  I DID purchase a beautiful red sweater throw & some gingersnaps, tho.  Yummy!  

Friday night we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory & did a little shopping at Woodfield, bu then it started to snow & by Saturday it was a straight on Snowpacalypse.  So we just hung out in the room & read & April caught up on some of her shows.  : )  We did venture out on a 7-Eleven field trip but it was super windy & coooold!  And snowy!  I'm not a big fan of snow.  Meh.  Other than it being pretty... 

I was having a lot of anxiety issues Saturday & Sunday, which I'm sure didn't make me the best company, which then made me have MORE anxiety because I felt bad for April being trapped with me when I was in the throes of that.  I mean, she traveled 1/2 way across the country to hang out & we had lots of fun Thursday & Friday & then it was just like whatever little switch is in my brain went *poof* and ... yeah.  Still, even w/ that, I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend together & the time w/ our elementary school friends - April hadn't seen them since about 6th grade, and I hadn't seen Faith in that long!  Becca & I hang out semi-regularly & we'd just visited Lalanya a couple months ago, but other than that I hadn't seen her in years, either!  So I can't even express how nice it was to have the four of them together.  : )  

After all of that, I spent the next week off just vegging & reading & hanging out w/ Mom a bit.  We went to see Mockingjay part 2 (they did a great job!) and I got to hang out w/ my friend Kris for dinner one night.  I had plans for lunch w/ Trish during the time off, too, but we had to reschedule!  And Friday after Thanksgiving I hung out w/ Mom for some Canasta - I hadn't played that since before Grammy passed away... Good memories & fun times, even if Mom snuck a win in during the last hand!  LOL  

And now tomorrow it's back to the real world!  I'm happy to be getting back to work but not really happy to be getting back to 5AM wake-ups!  LOL  But, it's only for 3 weeks & then I have another week & a half off.  Praise the Lord for holidays!!  : )  

How's your November been?
What fun things did you get to do during Thanksgiving?
What are some things you've been thankful for this month?  Or this year?

Love ya!

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