Sunday, November 8, 2015

Carriepalooza - Day Seven

what a fun day!!  it started out kind of annoying - angel woke me up meowing quite a bit earlier than i'd wanted to get up, after going to bed so late!!  but, coffee, so it all worked out.  ; )  

i met mom & leyton at pizza ranch for lunch & it was YUMMY!  have you been to pizza ranch?  their chicken is my favorite!  and they have a tuscan roma thin crust pizza that we always order.  soooo gooooood!  : )  leyton was in a playful mood, as you can see... *laugh*

after lunch, we went to chuck e. cheese to spend a little time playing.  $20.  20 minutes.  *poof*  *laugh*  but it was a really good time & leyton got enough tickets to replace his CEC ball that he got many moons ago, so that was cool.  and mom played deal or no deal to get her fix.  LOL 
 funny and SUPER sweet story here - see that bucket of tokens sitting there?  Leyton got excited about hitting a higher point hole, and he knocked over the bucket, tokens flying everywhere!  A little girl came over & asked if he needed help.  He said sure, and we both said how nice & thank you for helping!  
THEN!  My heart-of-gold nephew gave her 5 tokens as a thank you for helping!
I love this kid.
So much!  
: )  

then i ran back to starbucks for a matcha & home to change into my pre-jams & finally over to mom's to hang out w/ leyton for a couple hours while mom went to saturday service.  we snuggled on the couch & he went through my instagram account (ummm... most of the pictures were okay for him to look at!  i did catch one from one of my authors who brought a bunch of "naughty" stuff to a book even this weekend & scrolled that puppy up fairly fast.  d'oh!).  then we played catch & i made him some soup & popcorn for dinner & i read for a bit while he played hockey.  : )  when mom got home, we played a game of sorry before i left.  

and now i'm home & ready to go to bed again!  but i'll read a bit first.  *grin*  
how was YOUR saturday??  do anything fun?  


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