Saturday, November 7, 2015

Carriepalooza 2015 - CONCERT TIME!

I absolutely LOVE that my nephew, Anthony, goes to concerts w/ me!!  In the past couple of years, we have seen:
Three Days Grace
All That Remains 
Papa Roach (3)
Stone Sour
Sick Puppies
In This Moment (3)
Shinedown (4)
Breaking Benjamin

I may be missing a couple, too!  
Last night we went to Peoria for Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin & Shinedown.
It was FANTASTIC!!!  : )  

On the way there, we had a slightly scary encounter, tho.  Something BIG and SCARY hit my car!!  It hit the hood & then windshield (looked like antlers!?!) but thank God did NOT break anything!  Or come through the windshield, which ... ugh, don't even want to think about.  

We got there a little after 6 (show started at 7) & downtown was cray-cray, of course!  But the Lord is kind & we found our way to the lot right across from the Civic Center (the same lot we were in the last time we went to Peoria for a concert!) & even tho the lot was fairly full, we found a spot really close!  God is good!!

There was a group of five guys in front of us, and they were SUUUUPER excited to be there (and did not appear to be drinking - their excitement was all them)!!  I loved watching them enjoy the concert!  Seriously, I was smiling HUGE during many parts, and part of the size of my smile was because of how much THEY were enjoying it!  

All the bands gave a fabulous performance, but Shinedown's sound seemed a little off from their norm.  And since this was our 4th time seeing them, I felt qualified to make that assertion!  LOL  They still did great, tho!!  : )  

Ohhh, the funniest story of the night - at the end of BB's set, I headed to the loo, conveniently located just outside our section (which, btw, was conveniently located RIGHT at the door we chose to go in, how awesome is THAT?!), and I didn't think the line was terribly long - I've been in much longer lines!  But the ladies behind me were druuuuuunk & one of them kept trying to make me say "Ciao, MF-er" to the girls who'd been ahead of us in line & decided the line was too long so they left.  I kept shaking my head & saying, "No, I only swear when I'm mad & I'm actually happy they left bc that means we get to the loo quicker!"  *laugh*  So, other than the fact that MF-er was her favorite word, I also learned her name was Anna, she has 4 children, this was her first Shinedown but 3rd BB concert, she likes to dance (uh, she & her friend were dirty dancing to the final song, which we could hear as we were in line).  Yes, I learned all of this while in a five minute line at the loo.  

She was a nice drunk, tho.  *laugh*  

It was a really fun time & I'm thankful that I stayed awake (and Anthony was chatty!) on the drive.  We stopped for McD's at 1AM because we were both hungry!  We'd tried to get something at the rest area on the way back, but the machine took Ant's $2.50 & didn't give him the popcorn, and my Animal Crackers tasted like grass.  That one was boggling.  Anyway, I went STRAIGHT to bed when I finally got home at like 1:30!  : )  

Now, Carriepalooza continues as I'm off to meet Mom & Leyton for lunch at Pizza Ranch.  
Sorry there aren't any concert pictures, but I'll come back w/ some Leyton ones, hopefully!  : )  


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