Friday, August 21, 2015

museum madness

i love museums!  i love looking at the exhibits & reading the cards & learning about all the things someone worked so hard to collect & keep under glass.  or, even better?  when the things aren't in glass & i get to touch them & feeeeeeel the feels.  i'm very tactile.  i touch everything.  : )  

so, today i took off at 10:30 & mom & leyton picked me up.  we went to culver's for lunch.  yummy!!  (and there were cute boys there also having their lunch break.  so, good food & some eye candy, and leyton was being very snuggly - all happy things!!  : )  he had an m&m mixer, which looked like rainbow ice cream.  heh.

after lunch, we went to the Putnam.  i used to go there all the time, but hadn't been in forever!  well, i'd been to the building while volunteering for the FIRST LEGO League things (STEM, ppl.  get involved, even if you're not a mathematician or engineer.  it's so much fun!!), but hadn't been to the exhibits in a grip of time!  *laugh*  

so, there's a bunch of new-to-me stuff, a bunch of hands on things that we had fun playing with!  also... leyton MAY have shoved all the scarves up the tube at one point & he & mom had to extract them so the thing would work again.  it was kinda hilarious (but only because they were able to get the scarves OUT)!!

 spin, spin, spin that color wheel!  

 can you beat the puzzle faster than the robotic arm??

 hmmm... what's stuck up in there?
(you're not supposed to shove ALL the scarves in at once... LOL)

 pulling his own weight.  

 pulling a bowling ball in order to make a tennis ball fly up to the ceiling.
he's really good at getting it to hit that ceiling!!  : )  

mom gave it a try, as well.  

after the museum, we went to popcorn charlie's for some delicious popcorn.  i got a small bag of dill popcorn & a medium bag of double cheese (white & orange).  SO YUMMY!!!   : )  oh, we stopped at starbucks, too, for a coconut mocha frapuccino, a dirty chai, and a cake pop.  mmmm!  and then they dropped me at home to read Nerd Girl by Jemma Bell (So GOOD!) & they went to leyton's baseball practice.  he has a game tomorrow, which mom's actually picking me up so i can watch!  it's supposed to be a super nice day out!!  

what're y'all up to this weekend?  : )


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