Saturday, July 18, 2015

life is beautiful

when we got back from colorado, on our way home, actually, bret called w/ an emergency.
my water heater, which is located in the library, exploded, flooding the library.
thankfully, it didn't REALLY "explode" - as in, i still HAVE a library - and bret caught it soon enough that no books were damaged!  praise the Lord!  also, phil was able to get over right away w/ a shop vac, and bret borrowed a fan, so we were able to get the carpet dried out & it didn't need to be gutted & replaced.

we were w/o water (any water, because of the way they'd installed the heater, we had to turn off the water, not just the hot water!) for a week.  i went to mom's daily to fill up jugs so we could flush the toilets & have water to drink for us & angel.  TMI came to replace the water heater & it was crazy expensive, but every where else was going to have us w/o one for weeks.  apparently, water heaters that are certified for use in mobile homes are considered a special order.  who knew?!

so, that was over a month ago & i still haven't gotten everything back in the library - i still have bins of books all over the kitchen & living room & i think there are still some in bret's room.  and there's one in my car that i need to drop off at the book rack.  my plan is take most of the paperbacks i've been storing in bins over there, because altho i am a huge re-reader, most of the books that i re-read are already on my shelves.  the hold up, currently, is that i need to go through the bins & pick the ones i absolutely want to keep.

i found another bookshelf at target & i want to get one, maybe two more, before putting everything back into place.  slowly but surely i'm getting the books on the shelves i want them, tho.  :)  

moving on!!

i got to hang out w/ mom two days in a row, which was super nice!!  yesterday, i met her for dinner at texas roadhouse, then went over to her house to watch the week's 3 big brother episodes.  woot woot!!  then today, mom & leyton picked me up & we went to IHOP for breakfast.  a nice elderly gentleman in the seat next to us gave mom his newspaper after he read it because he was just going to throw it away anyway & wanted someone else to read it if they wanted to.  so sweet!!!  

after breakfast, we went to lazy boy (la z boy) & slumberland for mom to get a new chair & couch.  i found a really neat chair that i would totally love at la z boy - but it was $1200, and i don't care how neat of a chair, i'm not paying $1200 for it!!  it was fun to sit in while we were there, tho!  leyton also found a couple chairs he enjoyed - a monarch patterned one & an automatic recliner.  

 this was the chair i wanted.  so comfy!  and i think it leaned back to a footrest, but i didn't find it! 

at slumberland, leyton discovered a really amazing reclining sectional that had a built in massage!!  thaaaat was neat!  

 i would like this end table to be btwn the two chairs i will eventually get to replace my couch!

 we make goofy face selfies on demand. 
 the massage sectional.
doesn't he look comfy?!

and then there was THIS one, which was an old-school, back powered recliner.
as you can see, leyton had a littttle trouble w/ it...!  ; ) 

once mom found her couch & chair, and once i pretty much decided that soon i want to get rid of my couch & replace it w/ a couple comfy chairs, we headed to WM for groceries.  we stopped at starbucks first, of course... LOL  : )  

at WM we split up & leyton & i went in search of a toilet seat, a fan, and some groceries.   when the water heater broke, bret borrowed a fan from nana (my aunt carol) & i fell in love w/ it!  and then we found it at WM!  and mom bought it for me!  : )  

leyton was awesome - he was in charge of the cart & he was a very polite driver & even helped out a gentleman who was unable to reach something on a low shelf, on his own, w/o any prompting or suggestion or anything!  he is SUCH an awesome kid, i'm so happy to know him!!  : )  

and now i'm home & basking in the cool breeze of my new fan, and going to read some of The Strongest Steel by Scarlett Cole.  loving it so far!!  

i hope you're having a fantastic weekend!!!