Thursday, April 16, 2015


this week i've been hanging out at a friend's parents' to be the resident liaison for their two exchange students who didn't go on the senior class trip her parents are chaperoning.  the girls are both 18, so adults technically, but also high school students and teenagers.  

first of all, i will remark (again, for those of you who know me) on the complexities of age & how it absolutely floors me that we pick an age & just "decide" that a person is mature enough for x, y, or z.  we decide that at 18 a person is mature enough to smoke and join the military, learn to operate firearms and be responsible for possibly taking a life.  we decide they are mature enough to live on their own and can consent to have sex.  we decide that, if they're part of the foster system, they're old enough to be on their own w/o any support.  we decide that they should be mature enough to be able to make all sorts of adult decisions, because if they make a mistake, it could cost them their freedom.

but God forbid we think they're mature enough to have a beer.  a gun, sure thing.  a beer, goodness, no!  

and yet, six months before that magical number 18, none of that is true.  their decisions could be questioned and they're still considered "a kid."

we say at 21 they're old enough and mature enough to handle alcohol and gambling.  since technically they aren't allowed to drink or gamble prior to the magical number of 21, we don't allow them any leeway to learn how to handle these things.  unlike with operating a motor vehicle, there is no easing someone in to these adult choices.  

and then there's sex.  altho we acknowledge that children mature at different levels for things like school work, reading, developmental milestones, we somehow refuse to acknowledge that - due to hormones and outside influences like media - children mature at different levels sexually.  and there is no consistency to how we view sexuality or decision making in regards to age.  on the one hand, we say a 13 or 14 year old girl is the victim if she chooses to have sexual relations with a 17 or 18 or older man.  we say she is a child and he is an adult and he took advantage.  AND YET - if that "child" happens to get pregnant, she can make the decision to terminate that pregnancy w/o parental consent.  

what?  she's not mature enough to make the baby but she's mature enough to decide to end the baby?  

huh.  yeah, we're messed up as a society in more ways than one, but anyway!

all of that i say because these girls are 18 and adults in the eyes of the law.  
but they cannot clean up after themselves in the kitchen!  
(bret is 26 years old and tends to not clean up after himself in the kitchen, so really sometimes there is no age for that one!)

and i hate harping about cleaning (flashbacks to mom, ack!) but i'm not the maid & i'm not cleaning up the kitchen - it is a disaster!  so, i mentioned it again tonight & they'll clean it up tomorrow.  or i will have to stand over them and watch as they do it... i really, really hope THAT doesn't happen!  LOL 

one of the girls has to take her ACT test on saturday, so i'm going to take her there.  at 7AM.  *sigh*  so much for sleeping in!!  

and being at someone else's house is flat out exhausting.  
my schedule is - up at 5 to get to work at 6:30.
work work work (which has been pretty busy & good, so yay for that!  better busy than bored for sure!)
off work at 3, run errands - but only the ones i absolutely have to because i'm already tired!
stop at my house to pet angel & make sure she has food & water & clean litter (bret's been good about remembering food, but she's been out of water & the litter in need of cleaning, so...), do some laundry, take a shower, change into shorts, stuff like that.  i usually have been reading for an hour or so, as well.
back to the other house by 6.
putz around, chat w/ the girls, and read til about 9:30.
bed at 9:30, read for an hour-ish.  
up at 5 to get to work at 6:30... 

this house & my house are about 20-30 minutes apart.  i feel like i'm always on the go!  and i like being in the car, but still.  *laugh*  oh, and monday or tuesday, bret locked himself out of the house, so i'd been here for like an hour when i had to go back home to let him in.  d'oh!  he must have since found the key (altho he hasn't texted me back all week to let me know or to answer any of the questions i've posed to him...) because the door was locked when i got home.  


it's been a very interesting week!  TGIF tomorrow, even if i DO have to get up early on saturday.  
saturday night i'll be back in my bed (and probably will have a hard time falling asleep as i always do when i switch beds) and i can sleep in on sunday.  woot!  

oh, the other thing about being in someone else's house w/ other ppl - not feeling comfortable turning on the air conditioning even tho i'm sweltering!  i opened windows & turned on ceiling fans, but i'm still like ... AGH!  at home i'd just flip on the air til the house was the temp i wanted it, but this house is way bigger than mine & i don't want to mess w/ the thermostat!  LOL  

aaaand, on a side note - MR C.  i have nothing else to add.  he smiles & makes me happy.

OH!  and speaking of HAPPY!  Shinedown will be coming back to the area in august!!!!!!!!
SQUEEEEEEEE!  my friend gail came over to tell me the other day at work & i about freaked the freak out.  LOL  awesome news!  <3  

now, back to my ARC of If You Only Knew - it's really great so far!  i'm also trying to read Beautiful Chase, which is by one of my favorite author peeps, but i'm just having a really hard time getting into it.  *sigh*  so, i'm also reading The Mad Tatter (heehee, he's a tattoo artist, get it?) & i am LOVING that, so... yeah.  

what're you up to this week?