Monday, March 30, 2015

adventure time

i took leyton on an adventure on saturday.  he wasn't thrilled about it at first.  i picked him at around 11 & told him we were going on an adventure & he rolled his little almost-8-year-old eyes at me & sighed heavily.  
"can't we just go to gramma's?"  
*whine* "ugh, i just wanna go to gramma's."  *pause*  "what kind of adventure?"  
"well, first we have to do some errands - the bank & coffee & another stop, and then, surprise!"
"all of that sounds boring."
"well, you have your iPad, if you're bored you can just play on that."
*huffs* "fine."

now, happily, through that whole conversation he wasn't really throwing attitude, he was just doing the "all i want to do is play my games" thing, which i totally get & it didn't upset me that he was acting like that, because again, he wasn't being disrespectful or anything.  i just felt the need to point that out because if you don't know him, that conversation sounds super bratty & the brat-o-meter was only about 1/2 mast.  LOL 

we went to the bank & starbucks (he got a cake pop & was happy w/ that!) & then i needed to stop at ulta for some lotion & spritzy stuff.  we pull into the lot & leyton, who had been quietly munching on his cakepop to this point as we circled the parking lot, said, "ugh!  i hate old navy!"  (how can you hate old navy?  that store is awesome!)  i told him we weren't going to old navy & he perked up.  he wasn't thrilled w/ the ulta thing, but then i remembered i had a treat for him in my purse, so i pulled out a small bit of bribery.  : )  

it worked, but was really unnecessary.  this is probably true of most kids, but once leyton gets out of the funk/tude & lets himself HAVE FUN, he does have fun.  in fact, i grabbed the things i needed quickly & HE is the one who was smelling all the soaps & lotions & stuff & making me smell them, too.  *grin*  i was amused!  

then it was off to the adventure portion of our adventure!  i told him he'd have a little time to play on the iPad as we traveled.  it's not TOO far away - like 15 minutes from my house, really, but it's on the interstate and it is ... 

the I-80 Truckstop, which happens to be the WORLD'S LARGEST TRUCKSTOP, according to the sign.  : )  when we pulled off the exit, leyton exclaimed excitedly, "oh!  this place!  i remember this place!"  it was definitely a good place for an adventure!  : )  

we explored & ate lunch & bought girl scout cookies & bought a tube of army men & had a very fun couple of hours!!  : )  

and then we went to gramma's & ate popcorn & played w/ the army men & when gramma came home, leyton proudly pointed out that we didn't turn the TV on at all!  (*laugh*  which amused me because i'm so used to NOT having the TV on, i don't even think of it unless i'm over there specifically TO watch something - like football.  how long til football season is back??!!)

i think for our next adventure, we'll go to the bass pro shop that has a bowling alley... *grin*  


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