Saturday, January 3, 2015

story time! (with pictures!)

mom asked if steve was married.
i said yes, steve has a husband.
mom immediately felt the need to share that's wrong.
i immediately felt the need to share that's legal.

i know mom & i have very different views on the gay community, and it was so hard to hear the venom (she didn't mean it to sound that way) in her voice when she said that, telling leyton that it's a sin.


it's so hard for kids growing up w/ different views thrown at them.
i hope that, whatever view leyton comes to have as he grows up, he'll remember the most important thing, and that is love.

other than that two minute conversation, we had a super fun day hanging out, tho!
mom & leyton picked me up around 9:30 & we met anthony at IHOP for a boisterous breakfast.  : ) i think we entertained those around us... *grin*

then, anthony headed off to wherever he was going (ah, the freedom of a teen w/ a truck!) & mom, leyton & i headed to sam's.  mom went her way, we went ours - in search of free samples of things like skinny cow bars & pedialyte.  *grin*  i bought some delicious chicago mix popcorn, pinwheel snacky things, shrimp scampi, a nice henley-type shirt, milk... oh, and a big carton of band aids, which i immediately ripped into because the first thing i did when we arrived was cut my finger on a cart!  d'oh!

mom very generously bought all of these things for me - thanks, mom!!  : )  
then we stopped at starbucks where i bought her a chai latte & leyton a cake pop & myself an iced coffee, and then they brought me home, which brings us to now.


and now i'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon & evening reading Mugs of Love by Norma Jeanne Karlsson.  this is the first of hers that i've read, but it's starting out really good!!  

i hope you're having a fabulous satruday, too!  :)  


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