Friday, January 16, 2015

today's post - i need an outlet - ARGH!

so, this week - this month, really - has been extra stressy.
i've been busy at work (yay!) & on top of that trying to train to be a backup for two ppl who are going to be out of the office in the next couple months.  i constantly feel like i'm being pulled in 20 different directions, and tuesday this week actually felt like six "mondays" all rolled into one.

now, i LOVE my job, so even when i'm stressed out about MY JOB, i don't mind it so much.  but with the added stress of trying to learn new things (and not having any examples because one of the new things i'm learning comes in sporadically, and there haven't been in any to train me on specifics!) and figure out some other stuff... 

and outside of work, i have appointments i need to make for things, but every time i think of it i get panicky.  these are normal things i do all the time, so i'm not sure why the panic is coming NOW other than that it's manifesting because i'm so stressed elsewhere.

things were actually quiet this morning, and i was on track to get everything i wanted tied in a nice little bow, and so i thought i'd take off a couple hours so i could run some errands.

i kid you not, the second i sat back in my chair from going to request the afternoon off, it was like BOOM!  everything was nutty again!  the problem i had yesterday w/ my timecard system appeared to be fixed.  i helped one kid & was getting ready to help another when *poof* the same problem came up!  i immediately IM'd my tech guru & he suggested i call ... bum bum bum... the dreaded help desk.

is everyone else's help desk as UNhelpful as mine?
i know they try & they're usually VERY NICE ppl, but they don't listen.
the first thing i told the rep when explaining the issue i was having was to NOT escalate it to a particular support group because I AM that support group & it'll just come back to me, and obviously I CAN'T FIX MY ISSUE OR I WOULDN'T BE CALLING!

she giggled about it & said, "of course."

after an hour on the phone w/ her while she went through her help screens to try & troubleshoot - and after she asked some troubling questions that told me she might not really understand what i told her, even tho she SEEMED to understand perfectly fine.  so i explained AGAIN that i'm the administrator of this application, i am supposed to have access to EVERYONE, and up until yesterday, DID.

she put me on hold again.

the good thing is that while i was on the phone w/ her i could continue to work for the most part, except for the one are she was supposed to be "helping" with.  

she comes back from the hold & i think (hopefully) that she was talking to her supervisor or whatever & they were gonna flip a switch & voila!  problem solved.

uh, no.
she said she was going to escalate it.
now, keep in mind that at the beginning & middle of this phone call, i explained to her where NOT to escalate the ticket.
so, i didn't want to be a jerk & remind her again.  i thought she got it.

two seconds after hanging up w/ her.


guess what that email was?


so, i IM'd my tech guy & begged him to send to his team of peeps so that maybe they can fix it.

meanwhile, as i'm on the phone for an hour w/ the "help" desk, my email is blowing up w/ timecard & vacation issues, my IM is blowing up w/ timecard issues, and my other line has rung twice.
once i was off the phone, a few ppl stopped by my desk w/ various timecard/vacation questions.

i was able to get ALL of that done & sorted & ALL those ppl helped before leaving.
which, praise the Lord & that made me feel good, but SERIOUSLY!  
shouldn't our help desk be at least as helpful??

finally, it was time to get going for the weekend, and i was so just DONE, just mentally wiped that i was also physically wiped, and my plans for the rest of the day went pphhhhhhffffffttttttt.... 
the plans - iWireless center for tickets
- barnes & noble to look at books
- WM to grab some groceries & get gas

well, i did get some petrol for chloe.
and a green tea frapp (for free) from the bux.
so, not a total loss, but i just wanted to get home.


also, because i didn't go to the iWireless center, i was on the interstate at the exact same time some (*thinking rude thoughts thinking rude thoughts*)
decided that my following along w/ traffic speed was not fast enough & proceeded to RIDE MY TAIL.
i know they tell you not to slam on your brakes, but ... 
pissed way the frak off.
so he finally backs off & i finally am able to get into the right lane.
except he doesn't let me, HE gets into the right lane, WHIPS around me, gets BACK into my lane WITHOUT USING A SIGNAL, and zooms off to the exit going 90 mph.  
90 mph is not an exaggeration.  i was going 80 (to catch up w/ him bc at this point i was PIIIIIISSSSSSSED) and he was still zooming ahead of me.  
but then he got slowed down on the exit because there's a light.
HA!  i thought.
and then, because i didn't have anything better to do & i was, i may have mentioned, PIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSED, 
i followed him.
singing along to my shinedown cd.
he may have thought i was yelling at him, but that's his own guilty conscience.
no rude hand gestures.  
no really yelling at him (altho i may have been doing some head shaking...).
i just followed along wherever he went.

i feel a little bad about that now.
he was old.
and had a marines license plate holder.
so, sure, he was a jerk driver, but at some point he or someone he loves served our country in the military.
and he was old.
maybe i should be grateful he wasn't going 30 on the interstate?
maybe he was rushing at 90 mph to get to walgreens so he could get some medicine.
maybe he takes care of his ailing wife and she needed something & he was in a hurry to get back to her.


so, then i wanted to cry & find him & apologize for freaking him out & thank him for his service & tell him he shouldn't ride ppl's asses on the interstate because it's rude.
and dangerous.
i could have been a gang banger with a gun & a temper.

so, now i'm home, eating leftover thai food & getting ready to start my next book & praying for him & his family.
and also that he gets home okay.



Saturday, January 3, 2015

story time! (with pictures!)

mom asked if steve was married.
i said yes, steve has a husband.
mom immediately felt the need to share that's wrong.
i immediately felt the need to share that's legal.

i know mom & i have very different views on the gay community, and it was so hard to hear the venom (she didn't mean it to sound that way) in her voice when she said that, telling leyton that it's a sin.


it's so hard for kids growing up w/ different views thrown at them.
i hope that, whatever view leyton comes to have as he grows up, he'll remember the most important thing, and that is love.

other than that two minute conversation, we had a super fun day hanging out, tho!
mom & leyton picked me up around 9:30 & we met anthony at IHOP for a boisterous breakfast.  : ) i think we entertained those around us... *grin*

then, anthony headed off to wherever he was going (ah, the freedom of a teen w/ a truck!) & mom, leyton & i headed to sam's.  mom went her way, we went ours - in search of free samples of things like skinny cow bars & pedialyte.  *grin*  i bought some delicious chicago mix popcorn, pinwheel snacky things, shrimp scampi, a nice henley-type shirt, milk... oh, and a big carton of band aids, which i immediately ripped into because the first thing i did when we arrived was cut my finger on a cart!  d'oh!

mom very generously bought all of these things for me - thanks, mom!!  : )  
then we stopped at starbucks where i bought her a chai latte & leyton a cake pop & myself an iced coffee, and then they brought me home, which brings us to now.


and now i'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon & evening reading Mugs of Love by Norma Jeanne Karlsson.  this is the first of hers that i've read, but it's starting out really good!!  

i hope you're having a fabulous satruday, too!  :)