Saturday, December 20, 2014

twas the saturday before christmas

what i should be doing
- washing my hair
- getting dressed
- packaging up sarah's books & the boys' gift cards
- going to the PO to mail said package
- writing christmas cards to mail when i mail said package
- finishing up christmas shopping

what i'm doing instead
- staying in my pj's
- reading Jagged by Kristen Ashley
- drinking coffee w/ sweet cream creamer from cold stone creamery
- contemplating eating something for breakfast

what i should leave the house to do
- see above

what i might leave the house to do
- get breakfast lunch so i don't have to make it
- get alternate coffee at starbucks (i have a free one on my card, woot woot!)

i just realized it's already 11 & so breakfast (from like a drive thru) is no longer an option.
i'm sorta bummed.
i wish i had biscuits & sausage - i'd make my own breakfast sandwich!  

ah well, anyway!  this week was pretty darn good!  blessed, very blessed!  there were retirement parties & "holiday" parties & lots of yummy food & lots of mr c & some dinners w/ friends (aunt jan monday & kris friday) & seeing ppl i hadn't in a while at those parties, too!  : )  AND some unexpected cuddles & snuggles w/ leyton when i dropped stuff off at mom's tuesday night.  woot!  AND i got a new phone, which i LOVE (LG Volt, if you wanted to know)!  it has the features i've wanted for a long time & didn't realize i could even have w/ an android phone.  (like the little things - bubbles in text, i have ALWAYS wanted those!)  getting all my aps loaded was sorta a chore, but even that didn't take TOO long & now they're all there & we're one big happy family.  LOL  i got my books, coffee & tunes, a fabulous picture of leyton as my home screen & my Kristen Proby With Me In Seattle series as my lock screen - i'm GTG!  :D  

i've read some AMAZING books this week, too.  : )  

and now i'm going to go back to my lazy day.  i'll be paying for this lazy day later when i'm trying to mail things monday after work, but i'm not actually too fussed by that.  i can read while i'm in line.  *grin*

i am sorry about presents most likely not reaching ppl til after christmas, but it just means christmas gets extended!!  ; ) 

*HUGS*  love ya!


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