Thursday, December 11, 2014

snow globes

they just make me happy!
they're all sparkly & sometimes they play music & sometimes they light up w/ different colors & they're just beautiful!  : )  

so, the other day we were talking about how i used to have a collection of snow globes at my desk in december to celebrate the holidays.  and how w/ the new desk rules ("new" a couple years ago) i wasn't able to do that anymore.  and my wallmates suggested that i bring in the snow globes & each person could have one at their desk & then they'd still be displayed.

this plan was brilliant & so i brought them in the other day & that's just what we did.  : ) 
somehow i managed to bring enough snow globes for my whole area, except me.  LOL but i brought my cute stuffed christmas mouse for my desk, and one of my wallmates is very nice & hods hers up for me every once in a while.  *grin*

today was our luncheon that i co-organized.  i'd organized the past 3 events & this time i got to be the 2nd rather than the head organizer & it was nice but also weird because i'm slightly less stressed when i'm in charge.
weird, right?
but my co-organizer did an AMAZING job w/ everything, and the lunch went off beautifully.  yay us!!  and even tho the table # i drew was at the front of the room & i couldn't actually eat my lunch at the event, i was happy.  and i got to gaze at mr c a little bit.  heh.

oh, and i got to see some friends i hadn't seen in a while!  
one of whom i was supposed to have dinner w/ this week, but plans had to change due to some stuff that was going on w/ her hubs.  SO!  i rescheduled our dinner for next month, but i still got to chat w/ her today, so i call it a win.  : ) 

earlier this week i got a couple beautiful birthday/christmas packages from sarah & debi.  these packages included gift cards (books & coffee, woot!) & homemade cookies & fudge & PICTURES!!!  love the pictures!  sarah & the boys also sent me a turtle ornament.  so cute!

i should be sending out sarah's books & the rest of the gifts next week w/ christmas cards.
idk how many i'll get sent out (of the cards, i mean) but i'm going to try... !!

what else?
i don't know... 
no, really.  my mind just went blank!
oh well, i'm going back to my book.  : )  sleep sounds sooooo good, tho, so i might be in bed reading soon!

btw - everyone all ready for christmas?
i'l be doing some shopping next week... *grin*


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