Friday, December 5, 2014


this week has been interesting.  tuesday was fun & then tuesday night i felt yucky & wednesday i still felt yucky so i stayed home.  well, i took bret to work & then stayed home til it was time to pick him up!  

so, then yesterday i spent part of the day thinking it was tuesday & part thinking it was wednesday & then realizing i "skipped" wednesday & it was just weird.  but i felt better!  

today bret worked late & then we went over to mom's & a surprise for me - phil & leyton were there!  :D  poor leyton has bronchitis, so no roughhousing or anything!  but snuggles!!  :D  i always like snuggles.  

i'm seriously too tired to think of what i was going to think of.  *laugh*

oh!  i got my signed copy of Alluring Temptation by Skye Turner today.  :D  that's my favorite in the series (it's book 3).  came w/ some swaggy goodness - a pen, a guitar pick magnet (love!) & bookmark.  sweet!

ummm.... i know there's more, but i really am sleepy!  i think i'm going to bed early!  tomorrow i might go to breakfast w/ mom & leyton - she wasn't sure if they were going or not.  then plans w/ trish in the afternoon (i think) & maybe plans w/ jessica tomorrow evening.  could be a busy day!!


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