Wednesday, December 31, 2014

happy new year('s eve)!!!

it's been a blessed year.

: ) 

it's been a blessed day, too.  
i finished With Everything I Am (by Kristen Ashley) and it was FABULOUS, so fabulous that i went right into the final book in that series, Wild and Free.

then i put on actual clothing & ran some errands - picked up a few groceries (mainly cat food & milk & coffee!) & found 3 new shirts.  woot!  
it was COLD out today!  and windy.  brrrrr!

after being out & about, i was quite happy to be back home in my pj's, but i didn't get as much read as i'd've liked because i was playing around w/ email & on fb.  LOL 

then i picked up dinner from applebee's (yum!) - i had this tasty shrimp pasta dish that was semi-healthy (there was broccoli).  

i went to mom's for an hour or so to hang out w/ her & leyton.  everyone was on their phones playing games or looking at pictures or whatnot, and i was getting sleepy, so i wasn't there very long.  mom tried to get us to play a game-game (like, yahtzee or something) but leyton wasn't really interested & i was sleepy!

short visit, but still super fun times!  *grin*

i rounded out the year w/ some pretty awesome books - 5+++ or 10 star books, i tell ya!
Change of Hart by M.E. Carter
Among the Echoes & Broken Course by Aly Martinez
Shoot For the Moon by my dear Rochelle
Moth To A Flame by K Webster (i won this one from a party on FB)
and of course the Three Series books by KA! 

BRILLIANT, i tell ya!!  *big hearts*

no plans really for tomorrow - READING is all!  :D  

and here's to an even more BLESSED 2015!
happy new year, party peeps!!  : )  


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