Wednesday, December 24, 2014

happy christmas eve!

hello, my friends!
happy christmas eve!  and, if you are of the jewish persuasion, happy late hanukkah!  : ) 
(for those of you who don't know, yesterday was the last night of hanukkah, thus the lateness of the wish!)

today begins TWELVE DAYS off for me.
*celebratory dancing*
this includes weekends, of course.  : ) 
i'm so thankful for this break.  time to spend w/ family, time to sleep in, time to READ.

i feel like a slacker on the book blog, and i'm sorry.
i thought it would be a good idea & was all gung ho on it, but then it started to feel... idk.
anyway, we'll see if i can get a few things done w/ it over this break.

now, on to today!  it's gloomy out, which made it the perfect sleep-in day, but i had to get to mom's at 9 & so i couldn't sleep in too late!  i got up about 7:30 & had some coffee & read & tried to get things going for my secret santa, but amazon wasn't being as helpful as it could be... so i changed what i was giving my SS, but that's okay.  she'll have lots of book options!  :D  

even tho i was up on time, i still managed to get lost in my book (currently, The Game by HJ Bellus) & arrive fifteen minutes late to mom's.  whoops!  
i FINALLY got to meet phil's gf, tho!  carol's super nice!  : )  
we opened gifts in age order (youngest first, of course!) & mom was filming & some hilarity ensued.  
and then we all headed out to IHOP for breakfast.  
and now, PICTURES!

 i discovered, accidentally while i was taking pictures of the present-opening, that i have a camera at the FRONT of my phone, too.
selfies made easy!  LOL 

leyton of course went for the toys before clothes, prompting mom to say that next year she was going to disguise the clothes so no one would know... muhahahaha!

anthony enjoyed what ended up being IN the bandaid box... LOL
he had to work for his money!
(mine was just taped to my traditional christmas undies.  *grin*)

phil received his traditional shot glasses, and some money because i didn't think shot glasses were really enough of a gift!  : )  he also tried to play leyton's google play card off as his, but leyton set him straight on that!  LOL 
i had to guess at if carol would like sweet pea from bath & body (i hope she does) because i hadn't met her yet!  i guess i could have texted phil to ask, but did i think of that?  
of course not!  d'oh!

pretty awesome family time - anthony rode w/ me to breakfast, so we got to chat a bit.
i love spending time w/ anthony & leyton, and don't get to see ant nearly as much as i'd like!

anywhoodle!  now i'm back snuggled in my jams at home, but i need to run back out to mom's cuz i left my coat there... whoopsies!  ; )  
how's everyone's christmas eve going??


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