Saturday, December 13, 2014

fun day

i got to hang out w/ some friends i hadn't seen in years today.  it was a lot of fun!  it was also a little disappointing, because it felt rushed.  when i scheduled it, i tried to make sure everyone would have a few hours free, but then it turned out that they didn't, really.  so, we got a quick visit in & some lunch, but ... idk, i just don't like feeling rushed w/ that sort of thing, ya know?  it'd be different if i'd known it was going to be quick... 

eh, idk.  focusing on the positive, it was great to see renee, jake, carol, kit, juli & john.  altho i did just have lunch w/ juli & john a couple weeks ago, the others i hadn't seen/hung out w/ in a while!  : )  

after lunch, i had a text from another friend.  it was a normal kind of text about a friend who she hangs out w/ a lot but who has a habit of standing her up about 1/3 of the time they make plans.  so, she said something about him standing her up & this is why she doesn't have a relationship w/ him. (and then called him a loser, which i'm sorry, i don't even know him but that seemed harsh considering she chooses to hang out w/ him & let him take her places & buy her things & she knows he's gonna not show for some of their plans.  and i'm not saying it's right for him to do that - it's a douche move, absolutely, and i don't in any way think she should date him.  but i also don't think it's right to call him names if he is a friend and if his not showing up for plans is a regular thing - and it is - and she continues to make plans w/ him.  so, as a friend, she could certainly be annoyed by this personality quirk, but ... of course, i fully acknowledge that i may have a different view on what a "loser" is, and also a different opinion calling friends mean names.)  

anyway, so i replied back that she does have a relationship w/ him (friendship is a relationship) just not romantic.  her text to me was a normal type of text she sends all the time about this guy, and my reply was a normal type of reply i send back all the time.  however, for some reason today she took offense to it & told me i was rude & needed to learn compassion & that she didn't need to hear my "little observations" when she was hurting.
and my jaw dropped at that one.
just curious, has my compassion ever been in question??  
considering all of the times i've spoken some pretty harsh truths to her about various situations & she hasn't taken offense (and i was prepared for her to do so at those times), her reply was rude and then PISSED ME OFF.  so i was all WTH?  i texted her back to say that 1 - i didn't realize she was hurting from her initial text, and i was sorry that i thought she was joking and also i was sorry she was hurting, but 2 - her comment to me about having compassion was rude.  i told her i didn't know what she wanted from me today, but again was sorry she was hurt & then left it at that.
cuz after nearly a year of the same thing over & over & over & over again, and this after five frickin years of her not talking to me for God-only-knows what reason... well!  
my BS meter ran out a looooong time ago, but i'm pretty sure my compassion was still going strong.

anyway.  i would hate for that conversation/situation to be the reason for another 5 years of silence, but at least i'd know the reason this time!  :(  

now, back to some good... 

aunt jan called this afternoon to see if i wanted to go to lunch, but i already had the plans w/ the girls.  however, she then asked about next week, so we made plans to meet for dinner on monday.  yay!  she's another one i haven't been able to hang out w/ in a while & i've missed it.  even w/ all the crap that's been going on, i still have missed my friend.  i love that my family are also friends!  

i ALSO got to hang out w/ leyton for a bit tonight (and see phil & mom for a few minutes)!!  : )  

 can you tell what he was doing?
he was running & sliding into the beanbag chair.  LOL

phil kindly brought dinner from hardee's!


and then war.
with a castle.
i bought him that castle like 3 or 4 years ago & i told him i was happy to see he still played with it!
: ) 

it was a really busy day, but mostly enjoyable.  
i also am reading a very sweet book called Emma's Home by Maryann Jordan.
the style reminds me a bit of A.D. Ellis & her Torey Hope series.  so of course i like it!  : ) 

i just wanted to share that.  : )

i hope your day has been fan-tab-u-lous!  



  1. Love seeing you yesterday! Hope to visit again soon :)

    1. yes!! i'm going to try & set something up for jan/feb :D


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