Tuesday, December 2, 2014

candy cane

happy tuesday!!  : ) 

has everyone checked out my book blog?  it's super fun... *grin*  today's post is about pre-ordering... you know you want to check it out & see what fun books you'll be hearing about in the future!  ; ) 

so, today was pretty cool for a tuesday.  one of our VP's requested everyone to take "selfies" so we did a group selfie, which sorta is the opposite of a "selfie" but it was FUN and turned out really cute, so i'm not complaining!  are you ready for a funny story about the picture?  you are?  oh, goody!  (you're getting it anyway, ready or not...ha!)

so, everyone wore red or white today & then we were shaped into a candy cane (sort of...).  *grin*  i don't own anything white other than socks, so it was red for me!  : )  i started out in about the middle of the candy cane design, perfectly happy to be mostly behind a taller co-worker... but then our photographer had me switch places w/ a shorter person who was completely hidden... and then had me switch w/ someone else because then I was completely hidden - and that had me right by mr c!  *grin*  he's so dreamy.  ; )  but THEN our photographer, who was a co-worker from my office but a different group, was like, "carrie, i need you up front."  AND THAT'S HOW I ENDED UP FRONT & CENTER in our group picture.  literally.  i was in the front, in the middle of the row.  the row of 3 ppl.  so... yeah.  

i really wish i could post the picture, because it's really adorable!  there's also another picture of myself, a new guy (cuuuute, also) & my friend tabby wearing candy cane antlers... it's also a super cute picture!  alas, in today's world all it would take is one person w/ a nefarious agenda & i could get into some sort of trouble about something.  meh.

anyway, not focusing on that - BUT if you want to see the pictures, let me know & i'll email them to you!  (kathy & april, you should already have them...)

it was a good day.  a blessed day.  and after work, there was grocery shopping!  :)  

i hope your day was amazing as well!  


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