Wednesday, December 31, 2014

happy new year('s eve)!!!

it's been a blessed year.

: ) 

it's been a blessed day, too.  
i finished With Everything I Am (by Kristen Ashley) and it was FABULOUS, so fabulous that i went right into the final book in that series, Wild and Free.

then i put on actual clothing & ran some errands - picked up a few groceries (mainly cat food & milk & coffee!) & found 3 new shirts.  woot!  
it was COLD out today!  and windy.  brrrrr!

after being out & about, i was quite happy to be back home in my pj's, but i didn't get as much read as i'd've liked because i was playing around w/ email & on fb.  LOL 

then i picked up dinner from applebee's (yum!) - i had this tasty shrimp pasta dish that was semi-healthy (there was broccoli).  

i went to mom's for an hour or so to hang out w/ her & leyton.  everyone was on their phones playing games or looking at pictures or whatnot, and i was getting sleepy, so i wasn't there very long.  mom tried to get us to play a game-game (like, yahtzee or something) but leyton wasn't really interested & i was sleepy!

short visit, but still super fun times!  *grin*

i rounded out the year w/ some pretty awesome books - 5+++ or 10 star books, i tell ya!
Change of Hart by M.E. Carter
Among the Echoes & Broken Course by Aly Martinez
Shoot For the Moon by my dear Rochelle
Moth To A Flame by K Webster (i won this one from a party on FB)
and of course the Three Series books by KA! 

BRILLIANT, i tell ya!!  *big hearts*

no plans really for tomorrow - READING is all!  :D  

and here's to an even more BLESSED 2015!
happy new year, party peeps!!  : )  


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

happy christmas eve!

hello, my friends!
happy christmas eve!  and, if you are of the jewish persuasion, happy late hanukkah!  : ) 
(for those of you who don't know, yesterday was the last night of hanukkah, thus the lateness of the wish!)

today begins TWELVE DAYS off for me.
*celebratory dancing*
this includes weekends, of course.  : ) 
i'm so thankful for this break.  time to spend w/ family, time to sleep in, time to READ.

i feel like a slacker on the book blog, and i'm sorry.
i thought it would be a good idea & was all gung ho on it, but then it started to feel... idk.
anyway, we'll see if i can get a few things done w/ it over this break.

now, on to today!  it's gloomy out, which made it the perfect sleep-in day, but i had to get to mom's at 9 & so i couldn't sleep in too late!  i got up about 7:30 & had some coffee & read & tried to get things going for my secret santa, but amazon wasn't being as helpful as it could be... so i changed what i was giving my SS, but that's okay.  she'll have lots of book options!  :D  

even tho i was up on time, i still managed to get lost in my book (currently, The Game by HJ Bellus) & arrive fifteen minutes late to mom's.  whoops!  
i FINALLY got to meet phil's gf, tho!  carol's super nice!  : )  
we opened gifts in age order (youngest first, of course!) & mom was filming & some hilarity ensued.  
and then we all headed out to IHOP for breakfast.  
and now, PICTURES!

 i discovered, accidentally while i was taking pictures of the present-opening, that i have a camera at the FRONT of my phone, too.
selfies made easy!  LOL 

leyton of course went for the toys before clothes, prompting mom to say that next year she was going to disguise the clothes so no one would know... muhahahaha!

anthony enjoyed what ended up being IN the bandaid box... LOL
he had to work for his money!
(mine was just taped to my traditional christmas undies.  *grin*)

phil received his traditional shot glasses, and some money because i didn't think shot glasses were really enough of a gift!  : )  he also tried to play leyton's google play card off as his, but leyton set him straight on that!  LOL 
i had to guess at if carol would like sweet pea from bath & body (i hope she does) because i hadn't met her yet!  i guess i could have texted phil to ask, but did i think of that?  
of course not!  d'oh!

pretty awesome family time - anthony rode w/ me to breakfast, so we got to chat a bit.
i love spending time w/ anthony & leyton, and don't get to see ant nearly as much as i'd like!

anywhoodle!  now i'm back snuggled in my jams at home, but i need to run back out to mom's cuz i left my coat there... whoopsies!  ; )  
how's everyone's christmas eve going??


Saturday, December 20, 2014

twas the saturday before christmas

what i should be doing
- washing my hair
- getting dressed
- packaging up sarah's books & the boys' gift cards
- going to the PO to mail said package
- writing christmas cards to mail when i mail said package
- finishing up christmas shopping

what i'm doing instead
- staying in my pj's
- reading Jagged by Kristen Ashley
- drinking coffee w/ sweet cream creamer from cold stone creamery
- contemplating eating something for breakfast

what i should leave the house to do
- see above

what i might leave the house to do
- get breakfast lunch so i don't have to make it
- get alternate coffee at starbucks (i have a free one on my card, woot woot!)

i just realized it's already 11 & so breakfast (from like a drive thru) is no longer an option.
i'm sorta bummed.
i wish i had biscuits & sausage - i'd make my own breakfast sandwich!  

ah well, anyway!  this week was pretty darn good!  blessed, very blessed!  there were retirement parties & "holiday" parties & lots of yummy food & lots of mr c & some dinners w/ friends (aunt jan monday & kris friday) & seeing ppl i hadn't in a while at those parties, too!  : )  AND some unexpected cuddles & snuggles w/ leyton when i dropped stuff off at mom's tuesday night.  woot!  AND i got a new phone, which i LOVE (LG Volt, if you wanted to know)!  it has the features i've wanted for a long time & didn't realize i could even have w/ an android phone.  (like the little things - bubbles in text, i have ALWAYS wanted those!)  getting all my aps loaded was sorta a chore, but even that didn't take TOO long & now they're all there & we're one big happy family.  LOL  i got my books, coffee & tunes, a fabulous picture of leyton as my home screen & my Kristen Proby With Me In Seattle series as my lock screen - i'm GTG!  :D  

i've read some AMAZING books this week, too.  : )  

and now i'm going to go back to my lazy day.  i'll be paying for this lazy day later when i'm trying to mail things monday after work, but i'm not actually too fussed by that.  i can read while i'm in line.  *grin*

i am sorry about presents most likely not reaching ppl til after christmas, but it just means christmas gets extended!!  ; ) 

*HUGS*  love ya!


Saturday, December 13, 2014

fun day

i got to hang out w/ some friends i hadn't seen in years today.  it was a lot of fun!  it was also a little disappointing, because it felt rushed.  when i scheduled it, i tried to make sure everyone would have a few hours free, but then it turned out that they didn't, really.  so, we got a quick visit in & some lunch, but ... idk, i just don't like feeling rushed w/ that sort of thing, ya know?  it'd be different if i'd known it was going to be quick... 

eh, idk.  focusing on the positive, it was great to see renee, jake, carol, kit, juli & john.  altho i did just have lunch w/ juli & john a couple weeks ago, the others i hadn't seen/hung out w/ in a while!  : )  

after lunch, i had a text from another friend.  it was a normal kind of text about a friend who she hangs out w/ a lot but who has a habit of standing her up about 1/3 of the time they make plans.  so, she said something about him standing her up & this is why she doesn't have a relationship w/ him. (and then called him a loser, which i'm sorry, i don't even know him but that seemed harsh considering she chooses to hang out w/ him & let him take her places & buy her things & she knows he's gonna not show for some of their plans.  and i'm not saying it's right for him to do that - it's a douche move, absolutely, and i don't in any way think she should date him.  but i also don't think it's right to call him names if he is a friend and if his not showing up for plans is a regular thing - and it is - and she continues to make plans w/ him.  so, as a friend, she could certainly be annoyed by this personality quirk, but ... of course, i fully acknowledge that i may have a different view on what a "loser" is, and also a different opinion calling friends mean names.)  

anyway, so i replied back that she does have a relationship w/ him (friendship is a relationship) just not romantic.  her text to me was a normal type of text she sends all the time about this guy, and my reply was a normal type of reply i send back all the time.  however, for some reason today she took offense to it & told me i was rude & needed to learn compassion & that she didn't need to hear my "little observations" when she was hurting.
and my jaw dropped at that one.
just curious, has my compassion ever been in question??  
considering all of the times i've spoken some pretty harsh truths to her about various situations & she hasn't taken offense (and i was prepared for her to do so at those times), her reply was rude and then PISSED ME OFF.  so i was all WTH?  i texted her back to say that 1 - i didn't realize she was hurting from her initial text, and i was sorry that i thought she was joking and also i was sorry she was hurting, but 2 - her comment to me about having compassion was rude.  i told her i didn't know what she wanted from me today, but again was sorry she was hurt & then left it at that.
cuz after nearly a year of the same thing over & over & over & over again, and this after five frickin years of her not talking to me for God-only-knows what reason... well!  
my BS meter ran out a looooong time ago, but i'm pretty sure my compassion was still going strong.

anyway.  i would hate for that conversation/situation to be the reason for another 5 years of silence, but at least i'd know the reason this time!  :(  

now, back to some good... 

aunt jan called this afternoon to see if i wanted to go to lunch, but i already had the plans w/ the girls.  however, she then asked about next week, so we made plans to meet for dinner on monday.  yay!  she's another one i haven't been able to hang out w/ in a while & i've missed it.  even w/ all the crap that's been going on, i still have missed my friend.  i love that my family are also friends!  

i ALSO got to hang out w/ leyton for a bit tonight (and see phil & mom for a few minutes)!!  : )  

 can you tell what he was doing?
he was running & sliding into the beanbag chair.  LOL

phil kindly brought dinner from hardee's!


and then war.
with a castle.
i bought him that castle like 3 or 4 years ago & i told him i was happy to see he still played with it!
: ) 

it was a really busy day, but mostly enjoyable.  
i also am reading a very sweet book called Emma's Home by Maryann Jordan.
the style reminds me a bit of A.D. Ellis & her Torey Hope series.  so of course i like it!  : ) 

i just wanted to share that.  : )

i hope your day has been fan-tab-u-lous!  


Thursday, December 11, 2014

snow globes

they just make me happy!
they're all sparkly & sometimes they play music & sometimes they light up w/ different colors & they're just beautiful!  : )  

so, the other day we were talking about how i used to have a collection of snow globes at my desk in december to celebrate the holidays.  and how w/ the new desk rules ("new" a couple years ago) i wasn't able to do that anymore.  and my wallmates suggested that i bring in the snow globes & each person could have one at their desk & then they'd still be displayed.

this plan was brilliant & so i brought them in the other day & that's just what we did.  : ) 
somehow i managed to bring enough snow globes for my whole area, except me.  LOL but i brought my cute stuffed christmas mouse for my desk, and one of my wallmates is very nice & hods hers up for me every once in a while.  *grin*

today was our luncheon that i co-organized.  i'd organized the past 3 events & this time i got to be the 2nd rather than the head organizer & it was nice but also weird because i'm slightly less stressed when i'm in charge.
weird, right?
but my co-organizer did an AMAZING job w/ everything, and the lunch went off beautifully.  yay us!!  and even tho the table # i drew was at the front of the room & i couldn't actually eat my lunch at the event, i was happy.  and i got to gaze at mr c a little bit.  heh.

oh, and i got to see some friends i hadn't seen in a while!  
one of whom i was supposed to have dinner w/ this week, but plans had to change due to some stuff that was going on w/ her hubs.  SO!  i rescheduled our dinner for next month, but i still got to chat w/ her today, so i call it a win.  : ) 

earlier this week i got a couple beautiful birthday/christmas packages from sarah & debi.  these packages included gift cards (books & coffee, woot!) & homemade cookies & fudge & PICTURES!!!  love the pictures!  sarah & the boys also sent me a turtle ornament.  so cute!

i should be sending out sarah's books & the rest of the gifts next week w/ christmas cards.
idk how many i'll get sent out (of the cards, i mean) but i'm going to try... !!

what else?
i don't know... 
no, really.  my mind just went blank!
oh well, i'm going back to my book.  : )  sleep sounds sooooo good, tho, so i might be in bed reading soon!

btw - everyone all ready for christmas?
i'l be doing some shopping next week... *grin*


Friday, December 5, 2014


this week has been interesting.  tuesday was fun & then tuesday night i felt yucky & wednesday i still felt yucky so i stayed home.  well, i took bret to work & then stayed home til it was time to pick him up!  

so, then yesterday i spent part of the day thinking it was tuesday & part thinking it was wednesday & then realizing i "skipped" wednesday & it was just weird.  but i felt better!  

today bret worked late & then we went over to mom's & a surprise for me - phil & leyton were there!  :D  poor leyton has bronchitis, so no roughhousing or anything!  but snuggles!!  :D  i always like snuggles.  

i'm seriously too tired to think of what i was going to think of.  *laugh*

oh!  i got my signed copy of Alluring Temptation by Skye Turner today.  :D  that's my favorite in the series (it's book 3).  came w/ some swaggy goodness - a pen, a guitar pick magnet (love!) & bookmark.  sweet!

ummm.... i know there's more, but i really am sleepy!  i think i'm going to bed early!  tomorrow i might go to breakfast w/ mom & leyton - she wasn't sure if they were going or not.  then plans w/ trish in the afternoon (i think) & maybe plans w/ jessica tomorrow evening.  could be a busy day!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

candy cane

happy tuesday!!  : ) 

has everyone checked out my book blog?  it's super fun... *grin*  today's post is about pre-ordering... you know you want to check it out & see what fun books you'll be hearing about in the future!  ; ) 

so, today was pretty cool for a tuesday.  one of our VP's requested everyone to take "selfies" so we did a group selfie, which sorta is the opposite of a "selfie" but it was FUN and turned out really cute, so i'm not complaining!  are you ready for a funny story about the picture?  you are?  oh, goody!  (you're getting it anyway, ready or not...ha!)

so, everyone wore red or white today & then we were shaped into a candy cane (sort of...).  *grin*  i don't own anything white other than socks, so it was red for me!  : )  i started out in about the middle of the candy cane design, perfectly happy to be mostly behind a taller co-worker... but then our photographer had me switch places w/ a shorter person who was completely hidden... and then had me switch w/ someone else because then I was completely hidden - and that had me right by mr c!  *grin*  he's so dreamy.  ; )  but THEN our photographer, who was a co-worker from my office but a different group, was like, "carrie, i need you up front."  AND THAT'S HOW I ENDED UP FRONT & CENTER in our group picture.  literally.  i was in the front, in the middle of the row.  the row of 3 ppl.  so... yeah.  

i really wish i could post the picture, because it's really adorable!  there's also another picture of myself, a new guy (cuuuute, also) & my friend tabby wearing candy cane antlers... it's also a super cute picture!  alas, in today's world all it would take is one person w/ a nefarious agenda & i could get into some sort of trouble about something.  meh.

anyway, not focusing on that - BUT if you want to see the pictures, let me know & i'll email them to you!  (kathy & april, you should already have them...)

it was a good day.  a blessed day.  and after work, there was grocery shopping!  :)  

i hope your day was amazing as well!