Sunday, November 9, 2014

challenge - day 9 - hermitty carriepalooza

today was a hermit day.
a turtle day.
a stay in my shell kinda day.

sometimes i have these, and if i can, i go w/ them.  
i don't try to force myself to go anywhere or be anything or do anything.
except i did have to run down to the murphy for something, and then while i was out decided that my addiction of Panera's autumn squash soup & turkey flatbread must be given ito, so ... 

but i begged off OUAT & TV at Trish's, which bummed me out because we're already missing next week cuz we're both out of town, but as i said, i just have to go w/ it.  meh.  I MISS TRISH!

okay, she'll hopefully be coming to Carriepalooza: Pizza Ranch Edition on my birthday, so that's a plus!!  

: ) 

i finished Under Locke & really, really LOVED it!!!  
and then i saw that one of the low-star reviews compared it to Sweet Dreams by KA, and so i decided that would be my next read.  :D  i'd been feeling in a KA mood lately anyway!  
i like to read a mixture of high & low star reviews for just that reason - a lot of times, what they don't like i DO.  and other times, we agree on what not to like, so it saves me $$.  heh.

about ten minutes ago i got a FB notification that i won a contest on an author page!
a coach wristlet & signed copy of another recent enjoyable book, Faithful by S.A. Wolfe!  
*happy dance*  
the previous book, Freedom, is my favorite of the series, but Faithful did a really good job of trying to knock it down to 2nd place!  *grin*  i just love the cadence of her writing.  : )  

i've been giving serious thought recently to getting a tattoo.  
i want a book & a turtle, possibly a turtle sitting on a book?  
i'm not sure, i need to kick around some designs, and then i need to figure out WHERE i want this ink to live permanently on my skin... : ) 

so, that's what i've got for you today.
God is good!
now, back to my Sweet Dreams before i head off for actual sweet dreams.  
i'm punny like that.  ; ) 


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