Saturday, November 8, 2014

challenge - day 8 - 100

grammy is 100 today.  all the sisters will be there this evening for a bit to celebrate.  i hope everything goes well!  

i'm reading a really great book called Under Locke by Mariana Zapata.

i took bret into work & got an iced coffee & yummy banana bread from starbucks.

i picked bret up from work & we went to the book rack & i found a new Lynsay Sands that i didn't have yet, and an older Dean Koontz book i hadn't read yet.  i love his older books - Lightning being my favorite, of course.  : ) 

then we went to starbucks again because i'd finished my coffee from earlier.  i ordered an iced coffee w/ vanilla & non-fat milk.  when dude handed it over, i thought it looked really milky, but figured "eh, whatevs."  except then i took a drink & it tasted weird & so i looked - they used CREAM.  idk in what universe "non-fat milk" sounds remotely like "cream" but again, whatevs.  so bret liked it at least!  i mean, i don't count calories or get all weird about stuff like that, but cream (and from the looks of it, the amount of cream used) is about 1000 more calories than non-fat milk.  i would much rather eat & enjoy my calories in the banana bread than 20 ounces of cream.  i'm not a cat.  (sidebar: most cats are apparently lactose intolerant?  so they might not like 20 ounces of cream, either...)

anyway!  the good thing about that starbucks run is that we got to sample the pumpkin scone (it's back!  they must've worked out whatever issue caused the earlier recall) & thanksgiving blend coffee.  i already knew i like the thanksgiving blend because i got some k-cups of it earlier, but no way am i turning down a free sample of coffee!!  *grin*

i'm sure there's something else i'm forgetting, but idk what it was, so i'll think of it later.  : ) 

ttfn - i hope you're having a BLESSED saturday!!  

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