Friday, November 7, 2014

challenge - day 7 - send some coffee to our troops

- adam was in a good mood at the starbucks this morning.  got my morning off on the right foot!  : ) 

- work was fun, lots of laughs w/ the wall mates & very productive, too.  those are the best days!

- tried to get tickets to the holiday pops, but marty went down to the symphony office & all the free tickets were gone.  sad.  :(  (i could just buy tickets, but nah.  altho the show looks really neat this year... hmmm.)

- watched some random ylvis videos when i got home, after a discussion w/ the wall mates earlier today.  stonehenge & yoghurt had me in STITCHES laughing!!!  yes, these are the "what does the fox say?" ppl - they are satirical & SO FUNNY, but so vocally/musically talented!!  and mr. toot is ...  about as catchy as the fox song, so watch out!  ; )  AND... um... they're cute?  *laugh*  

- finished Locke & i loved it, but there were also some really difficult parts that i didn't understand why they lasted as long as they did.  still, one of my favorites, despite the things i didn't like about it!  

- decided to read Under Locke next, which is no relation to Locke, but it just happens to be the one i wanted to read next... LOL  i also want to read Cora's All Broke Down this weekend if possible!  

- KA sale on the Rock Chick series, btw.  $1.99 each.  there are 8 books & i've been collecting the paperbacks, but at $15-16 per book, it's been slow going.  but i didn't get the e-books because they were more than i wanted to pay for an e-book.  but $1.99?  i can get the whole series for about the price of one paperback?  *click click click*

- okay, time to read a little & hit the hay.  so happy i can sleep til whenever tomorrow!!  : )  which means i'll probably be up at 7.  LOL 


oh, p.s.
have you said thank you to our military lately?  : )  
you could totally send them some coffee.  
check out Green Beans Coffee Company's Cup of Joe for a Joe program.  it's AMAZING!  for $2 a cup, you can give a service member who is away from home a little bid of appreciation with a drink of their choice.  i always just write a little note of appreciation w/ my donation - well, and it's me so i usually try to give a smile as well!  *grin*
take a look & if you do decide that this is something you want to do, let me know!  i'd be interested in seeing what other ppl think of the program.  : ) 


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