Wednesday, November 5, 2014

challenge - day 5 (five! ah-ah-ah!)


what day is it?


okay, so today was a pretty good day.  finished Barefoot Kisses & it was super cute.  i was having trouble getting into Sweet Fall (it's great, but OHMYGOODNESSPAINFUL!) so i broke down & bought Locke by Harper Sloan (which, i'd planned on getting in PB, but i really want to read it NOW & $4 vs $ waiting for it to ship... *shifty eyes*  yeah, so, there's that.  well, THEN, so i was feeling guilty, looking at Sweet Fall & really wanting to read it, and telling myself just to push through, and that usually never works, and so i went ahead & bought the e-copy & i've been reading that.

seriously, the shift to e-books ... just nutty.  my living room lighting issue may be partly to blame as well.  

they're fixed now, for now.  *laugh*  but still, it doesn't take long to condition myself to some things!

what else?  had to stop at the store after work to get the kitty some food.  

oh!  i got All Broke Down by Cora Carmack in the mail today.  : )  and because i pre-ordered it, i have some swag coming this week or next week... woot!  i think there's a notebook & a pen & ... i don't remember.  i'm just happy when i get books & book related accessories.  (do you hear hank hill in your head saying "propane and propane accessories" whenever you see that word?  just me?  gosh, i liked that show!)

that's all i have for today.  oh!  wait!  three ppl wished me a happy birthday today, or happy carriepalooza.  that put a BIG SMILE on my face!  i hadn't seen one of the gals in a while, and it shocked me in a pleasant way that she even remembered my birthday was this month!  : )  nice ppl make me happy.  

okay, i think that's really it for now.  back to Sweet Fall - it's only 7 o'clock but it feels like 9 to me for some reason - oh  yeah, cuz it got dark at like 5!!  LOL 

how's everyone's week going?  are you as happy as i am that the political ads are DONE for a while??  oye.


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