Tuesday, November 4, 2014

challenge - day 4 - hey hey!

so, i decided to have a birthday dinner at pizza ranch.  on my birthday, because i'll be in INDY the weekend before, and the thanksgiving parade is the weekend after.  unfortunately, my mom won't be able to come because she'll be working.  :(  but if i try to schedule it around everyone (mom's work schedule & taking care of grammy; phil's 3rd shift schedule; etc.) there won't BE a good date & plus i'll be a stressed out mess.  so, i'm scheduling it for my birthday & whomever is able to be there will get hugs & smiles & pizza & chicken & salad & love.  : )  and those who aren't able to attend will still get love, but the hugs will have to wait!  ; )  

book news - i finished Annalisa's box set last night (it was FANTASTIC & i really can't wait for the next book in the series!) & started Barefoot Kisses, but then Aurora Rose Reynolds's Second Chance Holiday pinged at me & so i switched over.  :)  i love her books, even tho they do always suffer from some editing things that make me want to bang my head.  the stories are worth it!  i finished it at lunch & so now i'm on to Barefoot Kisses, which so far i'm liking.  : )  i have Tillie Cole's Sweet Fall going on as well.  oh, AND i won an e-copy of Anne Jolin's Breaking Bennett.  woot!!!  what else?  Rochelle's (that would be Rochelle Paige) Winter Wedding released, along w/ Katy Regnery's Seduced By Stratton.  somehow i don't have book 3, but i have 1, 2 & 4.  and 5's on pre-order.  so, i'll have to remedy that on my next book-buy.  *grin*  

today was a pretty good day at work.  got to help some ppl out & teach some ppl some things.  i can never really explain just how much i love timecard stuff.  i love digging into it & helping ppl w/ it & all sorts of things - even when it frustrates me, it makes me happy.  : )  and, i did see mr c... *laugh*  i haven't been as obsessed w/ him lately - not because my crush has waned any, unfortunately, but more because i've forced myself to stop.  

after everything that happened this summer - and i don't regret the experience - i feel like maybe it really just ISN'T supposed to happen for me.  some days i feel like i want it too much, and others i feel like ... meh.  what's the point?  so, today i'm having a "whatever" day about it, and tomorrow might be something different!

and i have to be okay w/ whatever, because what's the alternative?  i could be bitter about the things i don't have, or i can enjoy the things i DO.  i choose enjoyment.  : )  

and that's what i've got for you today!  if anyone is even reading these, idk, but i'm ENJOYING writing them.  : )  ttfn!


  1. I'm reading them! :) I need choose enjoyment more. Thanks for the reminder. xo

  2. jana, let's make banners!


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