Sunday, November 30, 2014

challenge - day 30 - fin!

it is the last day of november, and the challenge has been met!
i wrote every day (except one, and i made up for that by writing a post about that day the next day...)!

it went so fast, and yet november 1st seems like ages ago.

carriepalooza is done for another year, and tomorrow begins CHRISTMASTIME!

i love that carriepalooza is the month before christmas.  i love all the sparkly lights & tinsel & cards & cookies & egg nog & christmas scented plug ins & pine & presents & red & green everywhere.

and i celebrated the last day of carriepalooza w/ a loaded omelet biscuit for breakfast, autumn squash soup for dinner, reading & relaxing & vegging out.
it was brilliant!
i read On The Fly & started Lead (book 3 in the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott - it's one of my favorite series!!).  : ) 

tomorrow it is back to work & i hope it will be a good & productive day!
only 3 weeks til i have another 9 or so days off.  love it!!!

i don't know if i'll keep up w/ writing every day, but i'm going to try.
i like getting my thoughts out - helps me sleep!


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