Monday, November 3, 2014

challenge - day 3

idk why, but daylight savings time kicks my butt.  fall back, we "gain" an hour, but as a result of that, it gets darker earlier & when it gets dark, i go into "time to sleep" mode!  *laugh*

also, i've had a headache most of the day & i blame the goofy weather.  it can't decide if it wants to be warm or cold, windy or still, rainy or sunny or cloudy or what!  and as much as that bite of cold can annoy, i like it!  i am ready to have it back - NOT ready for snow & wind & below zero or anything.  let's not be crazy!  *laugh*  i am ready for like 20-40.  that range where i can snuggle into my long sleeves & coat... oh, crap, that reminds me that my zipper broke on my winter coat at the end of last year.  i'll have to look for a new one before the snow settles in... *sigh*  

anywhoodle.  i had lots of fun at work in spite of the headache.  helped some peeps w/ some timecard & vacation stuff & felt VERY productive.  woot!!  : )  

after work, i couldn't figure out what i wanted for dinner - my wall-mate & i were talking about sonic & a hot dog sounded so good!  but then all of a sudden super potato ole worked its way into my taste buds & that was that!  *laugh*  then i went into hy vee for a minute to get some ibuprofin (which ended up putting 5 cents on my savers card, woot!) & headache meds & donut holes.  cherry.  yum!  

and then starbucks before i headed home, because, well, DUH.  ; )  

now it's not even 9, but i'm so tired & just want to go to bed, but i'm reading A Fighting Chance & it's SO GOOD and i just don't want to put it down!  so i'm taking a quick writing break to give myself a 2nd wind or something.  heh.  and also, i can't wait til the 5th book comes out which had better be about Ava & Jax!  :D  

'k, what else?  oh, CARRIEPALOOZA!  idk exactly what that means yet this year, other than i am excited for the author event, birthday, vacation, thanksgiving, christmas... :D  PTL!

'k, again, back to my book.


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