Saturday, November 29, 2014

challenge - day 29 - happy birthday, juli!!

today was my friend juli's birthday.  back in high school, she, renee & i had joint parties, because our birthdays were so close (19, 29, 30) & we were friends & would invite the same group of ppl, so our parents agreed w/ us that a joint party would be better for all involved!  
truthfully, i don't remember how we started having joint parties - like, if it was our idea or our parents' contribution.  and i don't remember what year it started...  i know april surprised me at the 14th or 15th party, which was at my house (and was a sleepover?  i think?) & i was SO EXCITED to see her!!
and for our 16th, we had it at the holiday inn w/ swimming & mini golf & shenannigans.  *grin*
i don't remember what we did for our 17th, but they threw me a surprise party for our 18th, at juli's house.
THAT was fun - even if erin did accidentally ruin the surprise... LOL 

anyway, memory lane... LOL  
today i met juli & her husband for lunch at rudy's tacos.  YUMMY!
it was nice to spend a couple hours chatting & hanging out.  : )
and when we were fixin to leave, a lady whose kids i used to babysit came over to say hi - she'd been eating at a table close by & thought she recognized me!  *laugh*  she was friends w/ & worked w/ my dad, and when she was looking for a sitter, he suggested me.  i babysat for them for years & they were some of my favorite kids!  the oldest is 26 now - same age as bret.  WOW!!

after lunch, i was going to join juli & john for a movie, but i decided i really wasn't feeling in a movie mood.  so i headed over to mom's to hang out for a bit.
phil & i bought her a new TV for christmas, and he couldn't wait to give it to her (or, couldn't figure out how to get it into the house w/o her seeing...LOL), so we gave it to her today.  she's super stoked - she's been wanting a bigger set for a while.  so, she went from 19" to 32".  happy camper!!  : ) 

phil brought us whitey's (mint chocolate chip shake, YUMMY!) & we just hung out.  
ate ice cream.
played yahtzee (leyton won!).
watched some disney shows.
leyton cuddled w/ me for a bit while playing his motorcycle game.
: ) 
cuddle time is THE BEST!

and then i came home to some books!
AND i won an ARC of Rochelle's latest book, Crying Wolf, which i read today.
it's fabulous, as all her books are!  

idk what else.  *laugh*
i'm going to read On The Fly by Catherine Gayle next, i think.
(i originally had "crystal" & was like, "that's not right..."  duh - crystal gayle is a country singer, i think!)


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