Friday, November 28, 2014

challenge - day 28 - Breathe

i'm so tired, i'm off to bed!

but first: 

- finished Breathe - it was... words can't even describe, but i LOVED it & if you haven't read KA's Colorado Mountain series, you really, really should.  : ) 

- had lunch at Golden Corral w/ mom, phil & leyton.
it was a blast!
leyton's so funny, but we really do need to work harder at teaching him the difference btwn sarcastic humor (which phil & i sorta excel at) & being rude (which leyton unintentionally sometimes excels at while meaning to be sarcastically funny).  
and the food was yummy, altho by the time i got to dessert, i had to forgo the bread pudding because i'd eaten 4 hushpuppies rather than 3.  
AND there were cute tattooed guys & cute military-looking guys surrounding our table. 

- i ordered a signed PB from Skye Turner, but for some reason the paypal invoice isn't coming to me!  

- idk what else.
sleepy time!!

: ) 

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