Thursday, November 27, 2014

challenge - day 27 - THANK YOU

thank you to the Lord for his ever constant love and mercy.

thank you to my family for being super awesome!
i'm so blessed to have had my dad.
i'm so blessed to have / have had the grandparents i did/do.
i'm so blessed to have Phil.
i'm so blessed to have Anthony, Leyton, Sarah, Stephen, Kathryn, Jacob, William, Adam, Andrew, Chase, Ariyana, Ruth, Andrew2, and Trey (i haven't even met Trey yet!).
i'm so blessed to have a multitude of aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins, cousins...

thank you to the men & women who have chosen the military as a career.

thank you to my friends who are there for me in good times & bad times & understand when i'm feeling turtley or when i'm feeling social.

: ) 

thank you to the authors who took a shot & wrote that first book to share their wonderful stories w/ us.
i'm so thankful for them!!

thank you to coffee, for existing and being delicious.

: ) 

thank you to mr c for being so adorable!  *grin*

you all get great big, giant internet *HUGS*
i love you!!!


Seattle beat the 49ers tonight & it was a really great game.
both teams have amazing defense!

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