Wednesday, November 26, 2014

challenge - day 26 - VIVA LA WEEKEND!

i'm really, really happy to have 4 days off!  i know i just had 5 days off (my aunt vickie says i'm spoiled w/ all the vacation - yes, but also THANKFUL!) but this week was still kinda squirrelly for me, so i'm happy w/ more time off!  : )  

today we had our bonus announcement & the fact that we're getting one is a huge blessing that i am also very thankful for!  phil & i are going halvsies (halfsies?) for mom for christmas & getting her a new TV, so this will allow me to do that, as well as get all the christmas presents i want for my peeps!  : ) yay!  praise the Lord for that!  

ummm... i'm blanking out - normally i have lots to say, but i'm still a little squirrelly.  *laugh*  i read All I Want & i wasn't really happy w/ it - still excellent writing, but the story was just a lot more angsty than book 1, and i just don't really like that much angst.  like, even w/ Beautiful Disaster (Jamie McGuire, love!) they're together but they're not & they like each other but keep doing stupid stuff & ... Walking Disaster was much easier for me to read, because even tho it's the same story, it just seems like the feel of the angst was muted... that probably makes no sense unless you've read those!  (read those!)(then read Beautiful Oblivion, cuz that was good, too!)  anyway, i just don't enjoy that much angst in a story, but the writing was still really good & i'll still read the next book in the series.  

but, bc of that, i was having a hard time picking a new book so finally decided on Breathe by KA because i'm ready to get back to that mountain.  *grin*

what're y'all doing for thanksgiving tomorrow?  got some big meals planned?  i will probably order a pizza if the pizza place is open... then friday i'll spend w/ the fam.  buffet!  yay!  

and, on that note... back to my book!  ; ) 


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