Monday, November 24, 2014

challenge - day 24 - back to work & ferguson

ya know, i used to really like the name ferugson.  i like any name that can have "gus" as a nickname, tho.  *grin*  

what's going on in missouri lately, tonight specifically after a grand jury decision some disagree with, is just sad & scary & i will tell you my opinion - has absolutely NOTHING to do w/ the young man who was shot & killed.  those who would riot, loot, open fire in public - at the police, at anyone! - they are not doing this in protest of a death.  they are using the heartache felt by the family as an excuse to be assholes.  

anyway.  i pray for those involved, for the police & the grand jury & anyone around the area(s) of "protest."  i pray for safety & for an eye-opening.  and for an end to the senseless violence mistakenly labeled as "protests."  ugh.  :(  

i'm also praying for the families of the ppl involved in a fatal car accident (semi vs van) today in town.  stupid snow.  i know it's pretty, and i would love it if i didn't have to drive in it (or wade through it when i got home.  in a skirt.  and then shovel it.  ugh.  why'd i wear a skirt today?!)!!  but snow + slick roads are scary, not pretty!  :(  

other than those sad things, today went well.  it was TOUGH being back at work, tho!!  not the work or anything, just being dressed & having to concentrate all day!  *laugh*  

i finished Ignite by J Wilder & i really liked it, until it ended so abruptly!  it was happy, but not complete, or something.  idk, i just know when it ended i was like, "huh?  WTH?  that's IT?!"  but i would like to read the next book!  

stopped into hungry hobo on my way home because it was closest to the bank.  CUTE guy who looks like paul walker was behind the counter.  : )  and the sandwich was tasty, too!  

J Daniels has a new book out, All I Want, so i'm re-reading Where I Belong before diving into that one.  but i don't think i'm going to get far in it before i hit the hay.  i am EXHAUSTED and also not feeling well.  booooooo!  as taylor says, tho, i'll shake it off & tomorrow will be brilliant!  

and i'm wearing jeans.  : ) 


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