Saturday, November 22, 2014

challenge - day 22 - vegemite

today, i stayed in my jams alllllllll day.

i went to starbucks.  in my jams.

i went to panera.  in my jams.

i took bret to his birthday celebration.  in my jams.

i read Alluring Surrender.  in my jams.

i wrote my first Author Spotlight post at my new book blog.  in my jams.  : ) 

i'm nervous about this new endeavor, but i just feel really strongly that there needs to be a book blog out there that's dedicated to the authors & the books in a different way.
i really hope it works out, because i think it'll be fun to encourage authors & readers in this format!!

it was a good day.  a blessed day.  

and i love my jams!  : ) 

what've you been up to this weekend?


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