Friday, November 21, 2014

challenge - day 20 (and day 21)

sooo... i may have forgotten to write yesterday before bed.
so, you get two days in one post!  
lookie there!  ; )  

yesterday was a good day.  slept til like 9, read Lady Luck, vegged out.
then, had to get dressed in non-PJ clothing so we could go to Granite City for bret's bday dinner.

it was a nice dinner - mom was able to get someone to be w/ grammy for a few hours so she could come hang out w/ us, and she gave me a birthday card & paid for my dinner.  awww!  : )  i had salmon oscar, which had lump crab meat w/ the salmon.  i was thinking "yum!" but there really wasn't THAT much crab meat.  the salmon was good, tho.  still, the whole 'oscar' part of the salmon oscar was a little disappointing.

and it was great to hang out w/ aunt carol, uncle mike, dawn, shawna, misha, mom & bret!!
until bret & shawna were talking at cross purposes about the bill, neither getting what the other was saying & it escalated to the point that misha had to go.
thankfully, this was after she was done eating, but still, it wasn't a good way to end a party!
before that, tho, it was fun!  and bret got some nice presents, and he (and mom & carol) got this delicious beer which he let me taste.  very smooth!  dawn got a cranberry mojito, which she also let me taste, and it was VERY yummy!  : )  

we got home around 9:30, i think, and i tried to finish LL, but that wasn't happening, so i went to sleep!

slept in til 8 today & then read & chatted on FB & VEGGED OUT again, which was FABULOUS.  : )  

met aunts judy, sharon & nancy at olive garden for lunch at 11:30.  aunt judy made a card for me & included grammy's newspaper clipping of her turning 100.  that was such a neat card!!!  she also gave me a gc to B&N.  woot!  (i was going to go w/ them to the mall after lunch, but it was sorta my bad day & i probably shouldn't've been out at all, and i didn't want to push it!  so i came home after lunch, instead.)  aunt sharon found a cute birdie-gummy worm card & also gave me $$.  that was sweet!  and aunt nancy gave me a fountain thingy & a pretty pin that i put on my coat.  : )  it'll probably move to my purse when i replace my coat, but we'll see.  

it was great to visit w/ some of my aunts & learn a little about what's going on w/ them!!  we missed aunt vickie, tho.  she had to work til 2.  d'oh!  

tonight i finally finished Lady Luck (it was terrific!!) & next will dive into Alluring Surrender by Skye Turner.
woot!!  : )  

also, just a moment to do a happy dance because i have so many great books from my wishlists on my kindle now, thanks to april & kathy & i'm so happy to dive into them!!!

i've been thinking of doing a book blog of sorts... i mentioned something like that on Katy Regnery's FB (she was calling for book bloggers who wanted an ARC of Wild About Weston) & she said "DO IT!!!!!" which was sweet.  *laugh*  the thing really holding me back, tho, is sorta the same thing that holds me back from editing professionally - i like being able to pick out my next book based on how i'm feeling, and not based on a deadline, or HAVING to read the new release right away.  plus, that's what everyone else does.
so, i think i'm going to do it, but i'm going to do it my own way.  : )  
i'm not doing it to get ARC's out of authors - i've been fortunate enough to get a few of those through contests and once or twice through an author just *poof* giving them to me (you know who you are and THANK YOU!!!!!).  and i review everything i read on amazon & goodreads, so i'm thinking i'll start off posting a few of those & seeing if i get any hits.  
so, if you read this blog & HAVEN'T read my reviews when i post them to FB (or even if you have & want to just support the experiment), click on the link to the book blog when i post it.  
(and if you're reading this & aren't a friend on FB, i'll post the link in a future post once i create the page.  or come back & post it here if i remember.  LOL  IF I REMEMBER!)

tomorrow my plan is more reading & vegging & coffee & maybe a movie w/ mom.
we'll see!  : ) 


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