Sunday, November 2, 2014

challenge - day 2

breakfast - sausage & cheese biscuit from hardee's
lunch - sausage & cheese biscuit from hardee's
dinner - toast w/ PB & jam; popcorn
all day - coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee... 

oh, and somewhere in there i had a couple cookies from casey's.  you know, the tiny, crunchy, chocolate chip ones that come in a cup w/ a lid?  yeah, those.

my food intake today was not very creative.  *laugh*  i wasn't really that hungry, tho, and nothing really sounded good except the sausage & cheese biscuit & toast.  

finished I'll Take a Chance, read Second Chance & started A Fighting Chance by annalisa nicole.  i'd won the first book, Take A Chance, from a fb contest, and fell in looooove w/ the story.  so when i saw that the box set was going to be 99 cents on kindle... i pre-ordered that puppy right away!  and i'm so glad i did - this series is sweet & heartfelt & amazing in many different ways!  : )  

went to trish's to watch OUAT & Resurrection.  still not caught up w/ Revenge, and plus by 9 o'clock i'm just knackered - even tho we "fell back" & gained an hour!  it's always good to hang out w/ trish, tho.  i miss getting to HANG OUT hang out w/ her, tho - life gets so busy!  so i'm glad we have this sunday night tradition.  

back to work tomorrow!  i was off 1/2 of thursday & all day friday, but they turned out to be kinda busy days, so it doesn't really feel like i had 3 1/2 days off.  ya know?  still, happy to have had that time!  and ready to dive back into timecard shenanigans... *grin*

but now, now it is time to sleep.  : )  ttfn!  

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