Wednesday, November 19, 2014

challenge - day 19 - BIRTHDAY!

happy birthday to me!
happy birthday to me!
it's my birthday today!
i don't know if you knew that - as someone pointed out, it's not like i advertise the fact or anything like that at all.  



so Carriepalooza goes all month long, but today is the actual day which marks my age going up.
except that i am 28 forever, because i said so.
: ) 

so, i slept til about 8, started KA's Lady Luck, drank some coffee, checked out FB (so many birthday wishes - i have the most awesome and amazing friends & family!), replied to everyone, was SUPER SURPRISED by gifts of books & coffee from april & kathy (THANK YOU AGAIN!!  i love you both with or without presents, but the presents are MUCH appreciated!!)... it was a fabulous birthday morning!

i ended up making the decision to cancel my birthday dinner at pizza ranch because 1/2 of my attendees had to cancel due to various circumstances (*hugs* to trish!).  it was disappointing, but i'm okay with it because i had the opportunity to hang out w/ phil & leyton for a couple hours!  

and even tho leyton threw a fit at the end & that wasn't cool, i did get birthday hugs & kisses & phil made spaghetti for dinner & i had gotten a free birthday brownie from capriotti's so i shared that w/ them.  it was nice to hang out watching spongebob & icarly & leyton play games on phil's phone.  : ) 

i also went to WM this afternoon to pick up cat food & a few other things.  saw two of my former co-workers, louise & venus.  i worked at WM briefly (in the grand scheme of things - it was like less than 2 years, i think?  i'm not entirely sure, actually, how long i was there!) & i can't tell you how much it warms my heart that ppl still remember me there!  i don't think they remember my name, but they remember ME.  *huggles*  

stopped at starbucks before WM for a peppermint mocha & one of the guys i hadn't seen in a while was working & he mentioned he hadn't seen me in a while!  *laugh*  i'm like, i've been here practically every day!  : )  i love my starbucks peeps, i really do!

what else?  oh, when i got home, i had a bday card from aunt janie AND a package from cousin amy!!  what a surprise that was, waiting at my door!!  
guess what it was?  it is perfect & fabulous!!  : ) 

see?!  she said she saw it & thought i might like it. 
she was spot on there!  

along w/ all of that, i got to chat w/ april for a bit, and i had to check my work email for something, and when i did, i saw i had birthday wishes from my previous wall-mate & also a few unexpected ppl remembered & sent me a note as well!!  <3 <3 <3 seriously, warms my heart!  LOVE!

so!  i think that about covers my birthday day.
one more story!

so, mom had said she couldn't make my birthday dinner because she would be working & then going to grammy's.  so, when i cancelled, i of course didn't let her know bc she said she wasn't coming!
cut to 4:30-ish & i'm hanging out on the couch w/ phil & trying to show him georgine's tattoo when my phone rings & it's mom.  he looks at it & doesn't hand it over, but instead says, "let's freak her out" and answers it, "joe's crab shack!"  LOLOLOL  there's a pause & then he laughs & says, "were you looking at your phone to make sure you dialed the right number?"
so funny!
so, as it turns out, she stopped by pizza ranch to surprise me, but she was the one surprised bc i wasn't there!
it was super sweet of her to stop by, tho!!!  : )  
love love love!!!

oh, and i spent part of the night when i got home watching Ylvis videos on youtube.  
april told me of her favorite, Massachusetts, which i hadn't seen.

NOW i'm off to dive back into Lady Luck.
more LOVE!  

: ) 

thank you for all my fantastic birthday wishes.
y'all ROCK!




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