Tuesday, November 18, 2014

challenge - day 18 - freeeedommmm!

today i: 

-  got up early enough to warm up the car before heading to work.

- confused my barista at starbucks by ordering my usual-usual instead of my unusual-usual.

- saw mr c more than once.  i love his arms.  possibly a bit too much.  hmmm.

- actually got a smile out of mr c.  they're always so brief, tho!  i need like a two hour smile fest w/ him!  

- had some meetings.

- made my new wall-mate laugh.  : )  

- got distracted by shiny things.  more than once.

- had TWO birthday cards waiting for me at my desk when i arrived.

- was blessed with pickle dip from my catty-corner wall-mate.  it was YUMMY!  i want more.  ; ) 

- ate squash soup & butternut squash ravioli for dinner.

- oh, ate my leftover squash alfredo for breakfast.  LOL 

- didn't get my mail.

- am trying to finish Relentless Rhythm because KA is calling to me.  i love michelle mankin's writing, but i'm not thrilled w/ this story.  well, i mean, there is ONE THING that i'm not thrilled w/ & unfortunately it's sorta a big thing & if there was just a divorce in the works i would feel better about it.  i'm okay w/ a character being married while starting a relationship w/ the other main character but only IF the marriage is a technicality (like, they're fighting for divorce, in the midst of a divorce, their spouse is somehow incapacitated & not getting better... i've read all of these plot lines & been okay w/ it & don't consider it an affair or cheating.  possibly bc i have known ppl in similar situations & can justify not putting your life on hold bc of these things).  

- didn't realize that point above was going to be quite that long.

- really wish i had some chocolate.

- am planning to sleeeeeeep in tomorrow & then go get some chocolate.  and a few other grocery-type necessities.  

- wish it weren't so blasted windy.  it's cold out!  it's NOVEMBER!  the month of carriepalooza is not supposed to be this cold.  feels like january or something.  yeesh.

- think that's it.

: )  


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