Monday, November 17, 2014

challenge - day 17 - presents!

today was a little wacked out - one of my wall-mates moved & a new wall-mate moved in.
my first thought was - but will he be able to make me giggle snort?!  
so, jury's out on that; we'll see.

had a meeting where i felt like i was being threatened, but i don't think they MEANT to threaten me, and later i talked to my supervisor about it & she said she knows what i mean, but agrees that it was an unintentional use of wording that could have been chosen more appropriately & less ... ultimatum-like.
so, i'm calling that one okay & moving on.

brought my leftover pasta from OG last night to lunch & then forgot that i'd brought it & so got lunch in the cafeteria & remembered about my delicious pasta just as i was finishing the cafeteria food.
oh well, now i have pasta for breakfast tomorrow!
(going out w/ a friend for bacon & ranch tomorrow at lunch!)

this afternoon was a blast, getting my new wall-mate situated.  
the tech guy who set up the computer & such was a RIOT!
if HE was my wall-mate, i would definitely be giggle-snorting.
his wife must be in stitches all the time!!  : )  

after work, i picked up starbucks & subway.
i discovered that i have more on my starbucks card that i'd thought.
i think one or two of the regular baristas has been giving me unexpected gifts!  
so, thank you!


sara emailed me yesterday to say she mailed out my package wednesday, so i checked the mail on my way home & IT ARRIVED!!!!
happy two days before my birthday to me!  : ) 

JOLLY RANCHERS & the coach wristlet & FAITHFUL & all sorts of cards & bookmarks!  
thank you thank you thank you!

and now i'm going to eat my subway, drink my coffee, eat some popcorn, read Seduced By Stratton, play on FB, read my email, and... have a HAPPY evening!  : ) 

hope your week so far is also FABULOUS!


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