Sunday, November 16, 2014

challenge - day 16 - home again

this weekend was just SO FABULOUS!
i'm so thankful to my mom for giving me this for my birthday, and i'm also thankful that SHE was able to come w/ & have a relaxing weekend away from all the stress she's been under.
: ) 

the drive home went pretty well - a couple of snarky/bitchy moments, but they passed fairly quickly & it was a good trip.  AND we had the hilarity of mom following a semi into the semi part of a rest area.  heh.  her car is so tiny, too, it was even funnier!  

we tried to go to IHOP for breakfast before we left indy, but there was a 30 minute wait, and i had thought i wanted a sit-down breakfasty meal, but faced w/ the prospect of cooling our heels in the waiting area of IHOP, i decided i really just wanted to find a starbucks & head for home.  so we did.  and idk if all starbucks have this on the menu (i don't recall seeing it at ours, but then i'm not usually looking at the food items), but this one had a thanksgiving panini & it was DELICIOUS!  and fairly easy to eat in the car.  : )  
and then we went to olive garden for dinner when we rolled into town.
butternut squash chicken alfred.
lemme say again...
and the breadsticks were extra garlicky today, so that was a thumbs up, as well!

now i'm just happy to be chillaxin at home for a few hours before bed.  
tomorrow & tuesday = work.
wednesday = BIRTHDAY!!!!!
i have the bug guys coming for the quarterly "keep my home free from ants & spiders" & then birthday dinner at pizza ranch.  woot woot!
(agh - i just realized i never asked nicki to make my cake, dang it!)
thursday = VEG OUT & also bret's birthday dinner at granite city.
friday = VEG OUT & also... erm.  oh!  birthday lunch w/ aunt judy (at the olive garden) & then more VEGGING OUT.
saturday = VEGGING OUT
sunday = VEGGING OUT and also hopefully tv at trish's?

: ) 


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