Saturday, November 15, 2014

challenge - day 15 - Indie Unmasked


this has been a fabulous birthday trip!  : )  

so, last night we rolled into town at like 11 indy time, i met the lady w/ the son in the marching band competition (Bands of America - check them out - Reeths-Puffer), and then i finished my book & started Alex's book & i couldn't get to sleep!!!!  i finally put the book down about 2:30, i think?  then i was up just about every hour, but i went right back to sleep after calculating how much sleep i could get.  LOL

got up this morning around 9:30 & just putzed around being excited & nervous & looking up everything i could on directions & 2nd directions & what the room would look like & looking up authors so i'd have a face w/ the name & just doing everything i could to TAMP DOWN the darn nerves!!!  *laugh*
ppl who get panic attacks will understand.
ppl who don't get panic attacks will probably understand, also.

: ) 

oh, around 10 i got the brilliant idea to look & see if Lyft is in Indy (they are) but when i tried to look up rates & stuff, the website was being a brat, and then i tried to download the app on my phone & go that route, but i don't have enough space (?!) so i took that as a sign i should just drive.  heh.

once i finally got going, it was about 11:15, and i made it to the signing - after getting turned around a couple times, of course! - around 11:45.  whew!  chatted w/ ppl in line, met some awesome authors, got some books signed & entered into a couple drawings.  
(hindsight - really wish i would have thought to ask if i could stay an extra hour since i bought two tickets for the noon slot & mom ended  up not coming... but, that's okay.  much as i would have liked to walk around another hour & meet even more amazing authors, being around all the ppl really wiped me out!)

so, this one was set up as a sort of free-for-all.  tables were set up for all the authors & we could all go to them however we liked.  this was different than nashville, where we were lined up & went to each table, but there were also about 3x more authors at this event, so this set  up worked well!  
of course, for me, this set up started out a little nightmareish.  i mean, i only have read a handful of the authors, but know of a lot of them.  and some were completely new to me!  
i was looking for rochelle's table, but couldn't find her right away, and there was a "clear" table, so i latched over there because i recognized the name, but haven't read any of her books yet!  

i was very, very nervous (thus, chatty) but Amber Nation & her editor, and Savannah Stewart & her friend (Kathryn?  i am blanking on names because i didn't see them!  tho they were wearing name tags, i think... agh.  i hate when that happens!)  anyway, they were all SUPER SWEET & i am so grateful they were my first table.  and i'm looking forward to reading both their books!  : ) 
also - they each were wearing fabulous scarves!  Savannah's had skulls!!  <3  

i spotted Tia Louise next, so spent some time chatting w/ her - also super sweet & i like her writing style a lot!  and she had a great necklace on!  

next to Tia was Mahalia Levey, who i did not know, but her books looked good, so i got a couple to try out.  she has a rocker series & a paranormal, so i got one of each.

then it was time to head over to Rochelle's table.  AKA Cookie.  *grin*
it was SO NICE to meet her in person & get to chat w/ her a bit!  as i knew from our chats on FB, she would be so much fun to hang out w/ on the regular!  : )  
i got the PB of Sucked Into Love for me & then the Blythe series for Sarah for christmas.  
happy christmas, sarahbug!!!  

next to Ro was Tessa Teevan & altho her line wasn't long, the gal two ppl in front of me was there FOREVER!  i was chatting w/ the ppl in line, so i'm not sure if she had lots of books to sign or what.  *laugh*  but Tessa IS a chatterbox & awesome, so it's all good.  i had fun while in line, the only problem (eh, not really a problem, i was just getting nervous because of this) was that they kept blowing the 1:15 whistle, which means technically i should have booked it (haha, see what i did there?) outta there, but there were still a couple authors i wanted to see AND did i mention Tessa is a chatter box AND right next to Ro, so i was also chatty.  : )  she had a great story about her grandma - i think she should go into marketing for Tessa!  LOL  she sounds amazing!  : ) 

so, my time was technically up, but Mia Sheridan was RIGHTTHERE and i have been wanting to read Becoming Calder & Finding Eden, and i L O V E Archer's Voice, so there was no way i was leaving w/o saying hi to her & getting those books.  :D  well, except Archer, bc i have that one.  : )  she was awesome & her husband had a great sense of humor!  and they offered to keep security away from me if they came looking at my wrist-band to find out i was there after 1:15.  *laugh*  (i really don't think they would have kicked me out, but i was still cognizant of the fact!)  

while i was in line there, i spotted A.D. Ellis across the way, so i made her my last stop.
SHE RECOGNIZED ME & gave me the HUGEST hug!!!!  : ) 
seriously, do you know how awesome it was to have an author i enjoy recognize my name & want to give me a hug?  between her & Rochelle, i was in absolute heaven!  *grin*
and then it was time to go, well past time to go!
the only bummer is that i SOMEHOW missed Michelle Lynn.
i don't know how it happened, but i just want to kick myself for that one.
ah well, hopefully there will be other signings for another opportunity!

despite missing Michelle, i DID have a blast & enjoyed EVERY author i was fortunate enough to meet, and i SO can't wait til the next opportunity to do this comes about!!  : )  
(wondering if i could swing wicked book weekend... *grin*)

after the event, i headed back to my home away from home.
but had to stop at starbucks first!  : ) 
i got a little turned around in my pursuit, of course, because that's how i roll.
then, HAPPY came on the radio & i was bopping out & i turned into a menard's parking lot to bop out while i looked for directions back to the hotel, and i looked up ... and there was a starbucks!  

so, i came in, told mom the story of my day, showed her all the books & swaggy goodness & then wanted to collapse into a nap.

but, even better, my friend Summer & her family (Israel & kids Bella, Beau & Emma) live in the area & so they came to take me to dinner!!  Summer & i haven't seen each other in probably more than *cough* twenty *cough* years.  craziness!!!  we keep in touch on FB, but it was so nice to spend time w/ her & her family!  i really like her hubby & kids, they seem like GREAT peeps!  her kids are quick to smile & share a joke & that just makes me happy!!  

AND they gave me cupcakes, and those cupcakes are delicious!  : ) 

now, here we are at 9 o'clock indy time & i'm wiped, but oh so happy!  
i doubt if i'll get to bed soon - i want to read a bit first!  

tomorrow we head home & hopefully the weather won't be bad on the drive!!


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