Friday, November 14, 2014

challenge - day 14 - they don't fall back?!

okay, so this is gonna be quick because i need to SLEEP!  apparently indiana doesn't do the whole fall back thing?  so it's like after 1AM right now, and i need to leave by 11 to make sure i can find the venue & stuff.  oye.  

but we didn't get in til 11ish & then i wanted to finish Falling For Fitz... next up is Anyone But Alex.  : ) oh, these English brothers... LOL 

today was pretty good, except i found out a friend was fired (*pout*) & that sucked.  

banana & pumpkin bars were delivered & shared for carriepalooza & that was cool.

the trip out here was pretty easy & quite nice & that was also cool.

mom decided she didn't really want to go w/ me tomorrow, so i'll be on my own.  that's ... a little nerve wracking, but also not.  idk.  it would be nice to introduce her to "my" world, but at the same time she would probably be bored (her words) & then whine at me to leave (also her words).  so, i guess it'd be best to avoid THAT.  *laugh*

i met a lady outside while i was bringing something in for mom & she told me they were here from michigan, for a Bands of America semi-final competition.  her son is in the high school marching band for reeths puffer & he's only 13!  and they made it to the semi-finals this year & placed 10th out of 20 teams to make it.  that's pretty darn impressive all around!  so good luck to Reeths Puffer Marching Band tomorrow!  or, today... 

anyway!  i need to sleep!  ttfn!

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