Thursday, November 13, 2014

challenge day 13 - counting blessings

i love getting to dig into things!  
not, like, dirt.
but problem solving, puzzling things out.
and helping ppl while doing it.
i love the "aha" moment when someone GETS it.
so fabulous!

because i can't do anything about the situation i vented about yesterday, at least not until i'm presented w/ an order to do something i don't agree with, of course, it was business as usual in my little cubby today.  : ) 
and i had fun w/ my wall-mates, even if i did have to ask one to tone it down towards the end of the day because she kept telling stories that i REALLY wanted to hear about & participate in, but i had a couple things i HAD to get done & it was too much temptation for me to join in!  : ) but then i got my stuff done & i was able to make up little smile cards for them cuz i wanted to spread the carriepalooza joy & i didn't have treats today.  *laugh*

but i WILL have treats tomorrow - one of our retirees is a FANTASTIC baker & i've ordered pumpkin bars from her for my birthday treat for the past 3 or 4 years, i think.  this year i also ordered banana bars to share.  and a cinnamon bread loaf for me.
i might share some of it.  
; ) 

i finished Dom Wars Round 1 at break & then started Katy Regnery's Falling For Fitz.
i finished Sweet Dreams tonight.  
it was FAB!  
definitely one of my favorite KA's!  
i can't pick A favorite, even tho i tend to think of Law Man as my favorite, but then even before that thought has finished, i think of Tack & so then Motorcycle Man comes to mind, and then i think of Benny & The Promise & how much i just ADORED him... 
so yeah, can't pick a favorite-favorite.  *laugh*


TOMORROW is friday.
TOMORROW mom & i are heading to indy!
*happy dance*
*also a bit nervous dance*
after the initial getting there & getting settled (at the event) i know it'll be fine & i'm only there for like an hour, which is its own kind of nerve-attack!  
but i'm so so so so sooooooo excited to meet these awesome ppl!!!!  :)  

pray for safe travels & good times & blessings all around!!!
i will be bringing the computer w/ me, and the hotel usually has wi-fi, so i'll be able to update on the road!  : ) 


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