Tuesday, November 11, 2014

challenge - day 11 - thank you

today was a really good day - council meeting went well & other than a couple emails & things that made me GRRRRRR throughout the day, things were good.  : )  

still reading Sweet Dreams (seriously, her books are LONG but so good!  and no matter how long they are, i always want MORE!).  also reading Dom Wars Round 1 by Lucian Bane, because i need an e-book to read on breaks at work, and i've been intrigued by this series for a while, but was leery of buying it.  however, he put out rounds 1-3 for free, so i'm giving it a shot.  so far i surprisingly like it, but we'll see how it goes.  i'm hit or miss w/ true D/s stories.  however, i like the concept of how this series is written & the "character" or Lucian Bane, so... yeah, we'll see!  

today's veteran's day, so a great big THANK YOU to all our service men & women.  and i've been advertising it on FB & have probably shared the link here already, but will share again - Cup of Joe for a Joe is a great project!  it just amazes me the awesome feeling doing something like this gives.  it's like buying the person in line behind you a cup of coffee - you (usually) don't know them, you (likely) will never meet them.  but you know the feeling YOU get when someone gives you something free, and knowing that you're giving that to someone else is just ... fabulous.  : )  

so, THANK YOU again to those serving, those supporting, those waiting, and those who have retired.  you are greatly appreciated & i pray you will be blessed.  *HUGS*

and now, back to my book.  :D  only 4 sleeps til brooklyn!  no, wait, i mean til the Indie Author Event in Indy!  :D  


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