Monday, November 10, 2014

challenge - day 10 - copout

i don't have much to say today & i'm reading Sweet Dreams by KA & i'd like to get back to it.  

my wall-mate DID make me snort TWICE in laughter, and my other wall-mate gave me a motivational mini kit-kat as i was leaving for the day, so those were pretty cool things!  i also started reading Finding Out by Lila Rose, which is part of the just-released Owned anthology.  i love anthologies, bundles, whatever you want to call them, where you get multiple stories - ESPECIALLY when you get them for 99 cents!!  *grin*

i tried the new chestnut latte from starbucks.  it gets two yummy thumbs up!  : )  

it's been a pretty good monday.  tomorrow i have to present a little thing on third shift timecards to the HR council, so i'm a LITTLE nervous about that.  mostly because it's a conference call type situation, and those always make me more nervous than actually being in the room w/ ppl... i'm sure there are several reasons why!  

'k, that's all you get today because my book is calling to me!!!  seriously i love KA!  oh, AND YESTERDAY i found out that Rochelle Paige & i are book twins!  AND THEN TODAY... Kristen Ashley herself commented w/ a heart & a smiley face on my FB post about reading Sweet Dreams. 

i love my authors!  <3 


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