Saturday, November 1, 2014

a november challenge - day 1

i have been HORRIBLE about writing lately.  
or taking pictures when i'm w/ the boys.
or taking pictures in general - i used to love it so much!
and so i've decided to challenge myself to writing a blog post every day in november.
it might not be long.
it might not be interesting.
but there may be pictures!
(i'm going to try & take more pictures...)

i could wimp out & use today's post as just this introduction & call it good.
i'm going to try not to do that.

i am however going to do a little list of things going on lately, thoughts, whatever randomness i can come up with.  things might be connected, they might flow well, and they might not.  
but, here we go! (oh yeah, and there will be some pictures!)  
: ) 

- the other day i got to hang out w/ leyton & anthony for a bit.  it was fun!
- yesterday marked 8 years since daddy died.
- i thought i would be sad all day, but he had other plans.
- i treated mom to lunch (mexican!).
- phil treated me to dinner (sushi & crab ragoon!).
- one of my favorite authors asked me to read her latest work before she sends out official ARC's.
(i seriously swooned at that one.  i don't know if she can ever even understand how much that meant to me, and ESPECIALLY that it happened yesterday.)
- while at lunch w/ mom, she told me she is taking me to Indianapolis for an author event (where that same favorite author will be!) for my birthday!!!!!!
(i'm super excited!!!)
: ) 
- i've been feeling really twitchy lately.  i think, in part, this twitchy feeling comes from not having been able to travel all summer - i'm grateful for my nashville trip in june & mason city trip in july, but normally i'm ALL OVER THE PLACE when the weather is good for driving.  so, this indy trip is much appreciated on so many levels!
- my cousin kathy visited a bit ago & hanging out w/ her was THE BOMB!  it just so happened that mandi, boo, baby olivia, blake, and kathy were in town all around the same time, so i got to hang out w/ all of them (and misha, shawna, mikey, dawn, brad, carol, mike, bret - tho he lives here, so i hang out w/ him all the time!  LOL) that week!
- i finally got to hang out at trish's for a bit of dinner & tv time.  it felt like i hadn't seen her the entire month of october!  (actually, that might be accurate...)
- even tho i'm really excited about indy, i'm also SUPER NERVOUS.
- possibly more nervous bc mom is coming w/ me.
-i'm not sure how to explain other than to say it falls into the whole dichotomy that is my life.

- it is november.
- i'm not planning to have a group lunch/dinner this year.
- i don't know why.
- i still like presents.
- but i don't expect them.
- maybe i'll informally invite everyone to meet me at pizza ranch for dinner on the 19th.
it's a wednesday.  pizza ranch shouldn't be busy for dinner on a wednesday, right?
- hmmm.

*laugh*  okay, that's all i have for today.  i really don't know what this will be, but i miss writing, and challenging myself to 30 days of it - even if it's not a novel, some of these posts seem novel-length!!  once i get going, i'm reminded why i love writing so much...!

oh, and just prepare - there will be some book talk.  *wink*

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