Tuesday, August 5, 2014

a kiss is just a kiss

there are different kinds of kisses.  
- the kind you bestow on family/friends
- the kind you bestow on a baby or child, whether your own or someone else's
- the kind that are made of chocolate ; ) 
- the first kiss, but did you know there are many kinds of first kiss, even in the same relationship?
  - the first peck on the cheek
  - the first closed mouth kiss
  - the first touch of tongues
  - the first nibble
  - the first kiss on each patch of skin

some kisses mean more than others.  some are sweet and some build up in passion.  some give you butterflies - those are the best.  when you get butterflies just remembering a kiss, or even a touch that led to that kiss... : )  

i'm a very tactile person.  i'm always touching - not just ppl but everything.  i love to run my hands over fabrics or walls or furniture or anything.  and i love to be touched.  i love hugs and hands on my back and holding hands and ruffling hair and bopping noses and cuddling up and feeling snuggled.  i love knees bumping and fingers sliding down arms.  

i love all the different kinds of kisses.  : )  

and today i was grumpy and thinking of all the different kinds of kisses made me happier, so i thought i'd share.  ; )  


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  1. Love this! Thanks for Sharing Carrie! ~Kris


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