Saturday, July 19, 2014

road trip w/ the 7 year old!

yesterday was a pretty funny day.  so, after being SUPER busy on thursday & not having time to get a lot done, there were a lot of things i wanted to get done yesterday.  plus, i decided to take all day monday off instead of just 4 hours.  :)  

things were going pretty well, moving right along, getting things accomplished, and then around 8:30 - the fire alarm starts blaring.  we'd just had a test the other day & our facilities dude sent out an email telling us we could ignore that one.  we did not have such an email on friday, so therefore, we all had to troop out of the building.  d'oh!  we were out there for a little bit - VERY beautiful day, thankfully! - and then got the all-clear to go back in.  except the alarm was still blaring.  it sounded like dueling, angry, alien crickets.  

finally, the fire dept came & the landlord came & the blaring stopped.  WHEW!  

i was able to get most of what i'd wanted accomplished, but forgot a few things, which of course i thought of as i was going home.  LOL 

grabbed coffee from dunn bros, finished packing at home, made sure angel had extra food & water, and then headed off to pick up leyton.  :)  

the trip went really fast (for me) but really slow (for leyton).  and, surprisingly, he didn't request christmas music!  i'd been anticipating the glee christmas albums getting a lot of play, but nope.  we listened to the radio for a bit, some griffin peterson, some 80's, and finally some yanni.  leyton took a nap for the last 40 minutes or so.  : )  before that, we chatted a lot & only made a few stops for the loo & lunch.  

when we got into town, we checked into the hotel & immediately went swimming.  : )  well, leyton went swimming, i just dipped my feet in.  heh.  also got to text-chat w/ sarah a bit (the boys were EARLY to bed, so couldn't join us) & my friend shane (he's been having a fun time painting his house... LOL).  went to DQ for dinner & then got to read a bit while leyton watched the kids choice sports awards & then BED.  *laugh*

now it's time for breakfast (they do a free breakfast at the hotel, which is cool, but there are a LOT of carb options & not a lot of protein options.  actually, today the only protein option would be the yogurt, i think.  hmph.  then we're going to head down for more swimming.  hopefully we have the pool to ourselves again... 

later is stephen's bday party & hang out time w/ that group!  : )  


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