Saturday, July 19, 2014

party central

leyton woke me up at like 7:30 this morning.  i suppose that was 2 hours of sleeping in... *laugh*  but i really didn't want to get up!  i did, tho, and we went down to get some breakfast - normally they have eggs & bacon or sausage, but this time they mostly just had bread products - bagels, danish, waffles, biscuits (but w/ sausage gravy).  hoping tomorrow's options include some eggs at least!  there was yogurt, tho, so i had some of that.  leyton had some fruit & a bagel & we shared a danish.  and their coffee is pretty good.  *laugh*

after breakfast, i read for a bit & then we went down to the pool.  had it to ourselves, again, yay!  played catch & whatnot for an hour or so, then came back to the room to rest up for the party.  went to sarah's at 10:30 & hung out.  leyton & the boys got right along.  sarah's mom arrived w/ crystal's girls (juliana & emma, and their brother aviel) & her grandparents arrived & the party got started.  there were a couple other ppl there, as well.  we all had lots of fun, lunch, playing w/ water guns & such.  : )  

okay, here is where these really cute pictures of the little girl leyton was trying to talk to by chasing around w/ a water gun would be (alivia or olivia, not sure how they spell it!) except for some reason they won't load.  
grrr.  if i ever get them to, they'll be here.

my mind is much (mush.  it's so much mush that i didn't even realize i'd typed much instead of mush.  LOL).  *laugh*  sarah & the boys joined us for swimming this evening, and it was a really good time!  i'm so happy we got to hang out & that leyton gets along w/ the stephen, chase, juliana & emma.  and the other kids, too. 

i'll add pictures later.  : )  i think i'll let leyton swim for a bit tomorrow after breakfast before we check out.  

i hope phil remembered to check on angel... he never did text me back.  grrrr.  

oh!  i found a starbucks in hy vee!  guess where we'll be stopping before we head out of town?  *grin*


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