Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm in Trouble

i love this song.

i love the memories this video brings up from my weekend in nashville.

watching these guys perform... getting to meet all the authors & tabitha & lauren (i wish they lived closer - i would totally hang out w/ them!!).

and of course, meeting my newest baby cousin for the first time & getting to hang out w/ boo, nate & bran, and even blake for a bit!

plus, right now this song is - or at least the title/chorus! - is fitting how i'm feeling.  *laugh*

anyway, i hope you enjoy the song & check out the other videos from this event - i'm sure you can find the whole concert, a couple of songs by different ppl til you see the whole set.  love love!

now i should get to bed - tomorrow is a busy, busy day!


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