Sunday, July 20, 2014


as much fun as this trip was, i'm so happy to be home & SO HAPPY i took tomorrow off!  whew!  phil forgot to come over to take a look at angel, so i'm glad i left her two bowls of food & two bowls of water!  oye.  

this morning was interesting!  *laugh*  we got up & went down to breakfast & then swimming.  we discovered a leak in the ceiling in our bathroom.  d'oh!  

i finished my bella andre book (super cute - all her sullivan books are super cute!) & then we hit the road.

car ride home - we listened to lots of eye of the tiger, leyton took a nap, there were a few cars which had me seething.  one nearly took us out because they weren't paying attention to my signal!  oye!!!  we had fazoli's for lunch & then got some donuts at a quicktrip.  we didn't stop at the BPS, but we did stop at I80 truck stop & i got leyton an army pin & a smoothie from caribou.  unfortunately, the smoothie didn't make it  -  he was trying to open the door instead of knocking or waiting for me to get to the door & he dumped smoothie all over the front stoop & his pillow pet & a little on himself.  that broke him.  poor lil guy!  i hugged him & said, "it's okay" & he was like, "no, it's not!"  to which i replied, "well, it sucks, but it's okay."  and then he was okay.  i sloughed off as much as i could from the pillow pet, put it in a garbage bag & he took it down to the laundry room.  

angel was happy to have me home.  as much as i don't really want to get back in the car, i do want to watch tonight's BB, so i think i'll head over to mom's in a bit.  : ) 

okay, ttfn - oh, i'm going to pop in the pictures from yesterday into yesterday's post.  LOL  

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