Thursday, July 17, 2014

adrenaline rush

howdy, blog buddies!  and random ppl stopping by from a google search of "adrenaline!"  LOL  

lately i have been feeling very manic.  very... all over the place.  part of it is because of something going on that i'm not ready to share w/ the masses (it's a happy thing, or at least, it makes me happy!  LOL).  part of it is because things have been really, really crazy at work & even tho i feel stressed out, i seem to thrive on what's been going on, as well.  part of it is stuff going on w/ grammy - my mom has been stressed out & that sorta stresses me out, and we don't get to talk (really talk) about what's going on very often, so when i hear about all the crap going down... it just makes me feel bad & wish i could 'fix' the whole situation somehow.  

and then, the thing that has been stressing me out but not - it's hard to explain.  it's stress, but it's good stress?  idk, that explanation is close, i guess.  today was the third event our director has put on, and the second one i was in charge of.  the last event, i had more help organizing it and it was at a company facility, so i didn't really have to do a lot of prep work about the food or venue.  i just put in my request for the date we wanted & the number of ppl & they took care of the menu & stuff.  with this one, it was at a company associated venue, but not a company facility, and i had my first experience working with a budget & such.  trying to work out enough food & beverage for nearly 100 ppl on the budget i had was ... a big task.  i spoke several times w/ the venue's event coordinator to try & work out exactly what was needed.  and it was a different kind of spread from what we'd had previously, so i was just a little nervous about what the reactions would be & such.  then i had requested photos of the room so i'd know the layout beforehand, but i didn't get those, so i had some anxiety about that.  i wasn't sure how to get to the venue - even tho i'd been there before, it was a while ago!  

and THEN!  *laugh*  i'd asked for volunteers to speak about their experiences w/ the company, and no one was volunteering, so one of my pod-mates volunteered.  then the gal who was helping me w/ the details got another job at a different area in the company & bowed out of the event.  i got a new volunteer from that facility, but it was like 2 weeks before the event.  EEP!  then she volunteered to be one of my speakers.  yay!  then i mentioned i needed one more volunteer & one of the guys in my office kindly stepped up, sending me a note saying, "i volunteer as tribute!"  *grin*  he's a good guy!  

then, a couple days ago, my manager's manager mentioned that our director had encouraged a couple of her peers to volunteer to speak.  so i sent her a note, she sent a note back, and we had two more volunteers - one is another director of HR & one is a VP of HR.  yep.  vice president!  now, i'm not intimidated by titles or whatever.  ppl are ppl, from the president & CEO down to the line worker down to the janitor down to the janitorial assistants.  they're ppl.  and i was happy to have five volunteers to speak!!  did this mean i didn't have to speak?  OH NO!  *laugh*  this meant that i was asked to introduce the speakers!  


so, i was a little anxious!  i wrote up an introduction for each person & printed it off & brought it w/ me to the venue along w/ name tags (which, unfortunately, did NOT print off in alpha order.  d'oh!!).  my newest PIC (partner in crime for organizing the event) gathered up some gift cards & pens to do a drawing & give to the volunteers.  : )  

oh, so before the event... today was just monumentally INSANE.  i had a meeting scheduled w/ my manager, a lunch meeting w/ some ppl including my manager, and then this event.  and my phone/IM/email were off the chain w/ various issues popping up - a few involving ppl's pay or missing pay due to timecards not being submitted or approved in time to get paid out when they needed to.  so!  i'm trying to put out fires in btwn meetings & going over things for the event & answering questions & i seriously thought i was broken at one point because i just couldn't take any more!  and i had a stress headache.  :(  which a friend very kindly supplied some headache meds for that (so i feel better now!).  : )  

my meeting went very well, until my boss's boss came in to let us know her mother had just passed away that morning & she needed my manager to give the introduction to a meeting later that morning.  so of course i was feeling sad & emotional for her loss.  :(  so much loss lately.  lots of hugs & prayers being sent around!!  

after that meeting, i had about an hour & a half to put out more timecard fires before lunch.  we ended up going to miss mamie's & i had crab cakes & salad & a roll & it was DELICIOUS!  and it was really nice to get to know a couple new ppl & learn more about my pod-mate as well.  : )  we got back about 1/2 an hour later than scheduled, which gave me only 1/2 an hour to get my list of notes from the morning done... i did not get the list done, so will work on it tomorrow.  but i'm only there for 4 hours tomorrow because then leyton & i are heading to MC!  

anyway, at my morning meeting, i'd mentioned that i wasn't sure how to get to the venue & was anxious about it, so my manager offered to go early & let me follow her there.  yay!  PTL for her!  she is a great friend and manager and i'm very thankful for her!!  : )   so, we left about 1:45 & got to the venue & then 



major, major adrenaline rush!  my PIC stepped right up & got some things set up & a server came over to take our drink orders & that diet coke hit me NICE because i really needed the caffeine!!  : )  and then ppl started arriving, and hostess carrie came out to play and then MR C arrived - i'd asked him last week if he was going to be at this one because he couldn't make the last one & he said yes, but i still wasn't sure if he was coming.  :D  so, that was really nice!  i flitted from table to table, letting ppl know where the food table was located & that they could snack at any time & also that they could go out onto the porch/deck if they wanted to, to enjoy the GORGEOUS weather.  : )  so, mingle, mingle, mingle, and chatted w/ our director & my PIC to get the schedule worked out & then it was 3 o'clock & we got everyone seated inside & settled & our director introduced me & then i was on.  

WHEW!  the speaker order was - my PIC, the VP, tribute dude, the other director, and my pod-mate.  other than the VP, who i'd not met before & only had my intro notes to go w/, i had an anecdote about each of our speakers.  : )  i got some laughs, so that's always a plus!  the VP & director both spoke about seizing opportunities, so before i intro'd our last speaker, i mentioned that & shared a little about how grateful i was for THIS opportunity, how thankful i was to our director for giving me the opportunity to do this, because i NEVER thought i would be able to step up in front of everyone & speak like this - and actually ENJOY it.  

everyone did such an amazing job speaking, and after that we did the drawing for some gift cards, and then it was 20 more minutes to mingle & wind down.  : )   everyone was SUPER nice with their compliments to me about my intro's & everything - saying they wouldn't know i was nervous at all, that i'm a natural.  idk how much of that is true & how much is just that i'm blessed to work with SUPER NICE ppl, but i appreciated their compliments anyway & definitely made me feel better!!  : )  

AND i got to talk w/ our VP (good night, he is TAAAALLL - like, phil tall) for a little bit & w/ everyone else, too, and i truly do enjoy that part - chatting w/ ppl & getting to know them & what's going on w/ them & stuff.  :D  once i get going i enjoy the "performance" of being in front of ppl, too, but only because they're such a great group!  : )  

WHEW again!  at the end, as everything was winding down & ppl were leaving & whatnot, i finally got to have some grapes & cheese (yummy!) & come down from the adrenaline rush & i felt almost like a crash.  THAT was the time i needed a vodka lemonade.  LOL  but i stopped at starbucks & got an extra shot in my coffee instead.  ; )  

SO!  that's my story today!  : )  i'm going to read for a bit & then head over to mom's to watch tonight's BB & then tomorrow it's do what i can for 1/2 a day, run to the store to pick up road snacks, pick up leyton from phil's & hit the road to visit sarah, mark, stephen & chase!  : )  oh, and pick up a bday card for stephen... he is going to be 11 & has asked for CASH.  smart kid.  ; )  

God is good.  God is sooooo good.  i'm so thankful for the many, many blessings He gives me.  i'm truly thankful for being able to pull off this event w/o passing out.  it was touch & go there for a minute!  (part of that minute MIGHT have had to do w/ mr c and his adorableness... *laugh*) 


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