Sunday, June 1, 2014


remember when he was so little?  he's 7 now.  i hung out w/ him for a few hours yesterday & after he played hockey on the game system, he wanted to play payday.

i told him to set up the board, and he got whiny, immediately saying he didn't know how much money to put out & whatever.  i said, "you're 7.  read the instructions."  he wanted to give up w/o even trying.  "i can't, i don't know what they say, it's too hard!"  he hadn't even looked at the instructions to TRY.  so i told him to TRY, and if he needed help, i'd help him.  but he had to TRY first.  

he grabbed the instructions & was trying to be whiny again, and i just looked at him & smiled & told him not to whine & he smiled & laughed.  he brought the instructions over to me & sat on my lap & tried to whine his way out of reading, but it was like fake whining.  *laugh*  like, testing.  how much whining will aunt carrie take?  answer: NONE, buddy.  ;)  

so, we find the place where it tells how much of each denomination to set out & he starts reading.  he is a REALLY GOOD reader.  he only stumbled on two words (denomination being one of them) & his little voice was so clear and smart!  : )  even missing his two front teeth.  *grin*  

we played payday & i won by a couple thousand dollars & then his dad got home so he hung out w/ him for a bit.  and then gramma got home & we played a game of yahtzee.  :D  

leyton won that one!  

it was a good night & i'm glad i got to hang out w/ my little man, since i'd been sick all week & hadn't hung out at any of my other plans for the week!  

and now it's less than a week til NASHVILLE!  i'm super excited, super nervous, but i did this before w/ sherri so i know i can do it again.  and there will be the parthenon and meeting my newest little cousin to boot.  yay!  : )  

and now, back to The Gamble.  this puppy is HUGE (644 pages) & i have like 140 pages to go.  : ) 


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